Kuma Murakami
Kuma Matoke
Name Kuma Murakami
Kanji 村上熊
Personal Status
Birthdate February 10
Age 15
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Weight 50 kg (110 Ibs.)
Blood Type AB
Sunagakure Symbol
Home Country
Land of Wind Symbol
Land of Wind
Sunagakure Symbol
Occupation Ninja
Team Team Setsuko
Partner Setsuko Yosano
Ami Okanao
Jiyūjin Shinkirō
Family Unnamed Mother (Deceased)

Unnamed Father (Deceased)

Chūnin Symbol
Classification Ninja
Ninja Registration 65-528
Academy Grad. Age 12
Chūnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai
Nature Icon Crystal
Crystal Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Crystal Crystal
Nature Icon Earth Earth
Jutsu Crystal Release: Crystal Dome

Crystal Release: Crystalline Wolf
Crystal Release: Crystal Kunai
Crystal Armour
Crystal Release: Crystal Ball
Crystal Release: Four Corners Crystal Barrier
Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon
Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall
Earth Release: Hardening Technique

Kuma Murakami (村上熊, Murakami Kuma) is a chūnin-level shinobi of Sunagakure and a member of Team Setsuko, recognized for his possession of the Crystal Release and his skill at wielding it. Growing up he, like the other residents of Sunagakure, had great hatred for current teammate and friend Jiyūjin Shinkirō. This is due to the fact that the Four-Tails, which is sealed within Jiyūjin, killed Kuma's parents during one of it's many rampages. Since Jiyūjin rescued Kuma and the rest of Team Setsuko from certain death on a mission, he has since realized that it was not Jiyūjin who he should hate but the Four-Tails instead.

Besides his kekkei genkai, Kuma is acclaimed for being a young tactician. Excelling at making quick observations of the battlefield and formulating plans to deal with difficulties. According to his sensei, he was the most observant individual in his graduating class at the ninja academy.


Kuma is a short boy, his stature being the subject of ridicule throughout the entirety of his life. He has fair skin, long blue hair with bangs ranging down to his shoulders, and light blue eyes. Due to his soft facial appearance, Kuma is often mistaken to be a girl by those who haven't meant him before.


Kuma is characterized as being a sweet, gentle, and caring person. Kuma is shown to love many and hate few. In fact in battle he isn't afraid to admit to his enemies that he doesn't really want to kill them but will in the name of Sunagakure. Despite this he has held a grudge towards teammate Jiyūjin Shinkirō in the past. Kuma is a fearless opponent and has proven to be very courageous and merciless in battle. He is the tactician of Team Setsuko and is generally able to easily manipulate his crystal techniques to come up with new plans and strategies.

Being such a good strategiest at such a young age is primarily because of his intelligence of course. When compared to Jiyūjin, Kuma looks almost like a genius due to the fact that he is less gulliable and less oblivious than he is. This is why Kuma often takes it upon himself to tactifully be in charge during combat situations.

Kuma is also shown to be rather loyal to his friends and to his village. As mentioned before he will gladly kill off any opponent in the name of Sunagakure. Caring his teammates also means that he will without a doubt sacrifice himself so that they will live. At times Kuma can be a little bit hesitant due to the fact that he possesses a bit of a inferior complex about himself. For instance, one of Kuma's primary fears is of girls and he is often intimidated by them. Nevertheless, looking past his faults, Kuma is shown to be a devoted ninja.

At many other times Kuma can be a passive individual however. When it comes to arguments within his team or with others Kuma will often not argue back. He doesn't like to waste his time with such foolish things. Kuma believes that the only fighting should be done on the battlefield and against enemies of their village. Therefore this usually leaves Kuma as the in between person in his team. This means he is usually forced to settle out just about every disagreement between his hot headed teammates and sensei.


Kuma was born to two young and proud Sunagakure ninja who he idolized. His mother was also a wielder of the Crystal Release and when she found out early on that her son withheld the Kekkei Genkai, she began to tutor him on how to manipulate it. Kuma's father was about as courageous and confident in his abilities than any ninja could get. He took young Kuma with him when he went out training and would educate him about the politics and workings of the world they lived in.

Kuma dearly loved his parents and the lifestyle he led. Naturally Kuma would want to follow in his parent's footsteps and become a ninja himself. He entered the ninja academy as soon as possible. While in the academy he met his future teammate and Four-Tails jinchūriki, Jiyūjin Shinkirō, for the very first time. Kuma originally did not fear Jiyūjin like the other inhabitants of Sunagakure did. In fact Kuma even tried to make friends with him at first. It wasn't until the Four-Tails killed both Kuma's parents during one of it's rampages that Kuma began to build up hatred for Jiyūjin.

Graduating with high remarks from the ninja academy, Kuma was very appalled to find out that he was placed on Team Setsuko with Jiyūjin. Kuma believed that Jiyūjin was a monster himself and shouldn't have been allowed to be a ninja in the first place. Kuma refused to cooperate with Jiyūjin despite the fact that Jiyūjin was willing to become friends with him again. Kuma still feared the Four-Tails sealed within his teammate and that fear was preventing them from progressing.

In his early days as a ninja, Kuma often refused to work with the remainder of Team Setsuko because of Jiyūjin. During times which he was forced too, he would refuse to react unless the situation was absolutely dangerous. Kuma sometimes wished that Jiyūjin would be killed in battle. It wasn't until the faithful day that Jiyūjin saved the lives of his teammates that Kuma began to respect him as a human being. Thankful for his life, Kuma realized that it was actually the Four-Tails that he hated and not Jiyūjin.


Nature TransformationEdit

It can be widely assumed that Kuma has decent skills in nature transformation due to his possession and near mastery of an advanced chakra nature. Besides using the Crystal Release, he is also shown to be able to use Earth Release techniques such as Earth Release: Earth and Stone Dragon and Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall as well. He can even encase his body in a armor made of rock. Kuma can use the Crystal Release to manipulate crystal in a variety of shapes and forms. He can form a kunai made of crystal, a crystal ball, or even a crystallized wolf among all other constructs. He has even been shown to be able to use his crystal in a defensive manner via the Crystal Release: Crystal Dome.


Kuma is without a doubt the go to guy on Team Setsuko for ideas. Using his Crystal Release brand of techniques to come up with a variety of wonderful make shift ideas. With the ability to manipulate his crystal into numerous forms, Kuma is able to use his techniques for different purposes. He has been known to use his techniques to attack with great intensity, defend himself and his allies, and even to restrain his opponents via crystalizing them or holding them in traps made of crystal. With a good amount of intelligence by his side Kuma has even resulted to using deceptive and clever tactics in order to get around his opponents. As a strategist he has learned how to utilize the area around him as both a weapon and a defense mechanism. An example of this would be using his nature transformation to trigger a landslide to whisk his foes away.



Jiyūjin ShinkirōEdit

His relationship with friend and teammate Jiyūjin Shinkirō has not always been so close. When first meeting him, Kuma withheld a great hatred for Jiyūjin like the rest of the residents of Sunagakure. This was because the Four-Tails sealed within Jiyūjin had killed both of his parents on one of it's many rampages throughout the village. Since Jiyūjin had saved the lives of everyone on Team Setsuko, including Kuma himself, he has since realized that it was not Jiyūjin who had killed his parents but the Four-Tails. Afterwards, a healthy friendship between the two boys began to blossom. Kuma finally knew Jiyūjin as a person instead of the Four-Tails and discovered that he was a cool and strong teammate. Their friendship eventually blossomed into a brother-like relationship with each caring for the other as family.

Ami OkanaoEdit

Due to Ami's aggressive personality, it is very hard for Kuma to tolerate her at times. When first meeting her, Kuma was already intimidated by the girl and their relationship has been on the rocks ever since. Often Ami bullies Kuma due to his passive nature. Her aggressive demeanor allows for her to easily run over the calm and sensitive Kuma. Despite her ways towards him, Kuma does not hold any ill will towards his teammate because she is that, a teammate. Due to the fact that his quarrels with Jiyūjin have in the past damaged the stability of the team, Kuma usually tries his best to pay her no mind in order to prevent the team from falling apart. It is also believed by both Jiyūjin and Setsuko that Ami may indeed have a crush on Kuma and that he may secretly hold feelings for her in return.

Setsuko YosanoEdit

It is much easier for Kuma to get along with his sensei than his female counterpart. Setsuko has many attributes which are akin to that of Kuma. While she is more assertive than passive she will often overlook the disagreements of her students and carry on with her shinobi duties. There are times however in which Jiyūjin may do or say something that she deems stupid which will set her off. This usually causes Kuma to have to restrain her from pummeling his friend in the head. Other than those occurrences the relationship that Kuma has with Sesuko is that of a typical student/sensei one. Also, Setsuko acts as a mother figure for Kuma as his biological mother is dead. Whenever Kuma needs advice about anything he can count on Setsuko to give him a formidable answer.


  • Kuma (熊) translates to "bear."
  • According to his creator, Kuma's favorite hobby is sculpting.
  • Kuma wishes to eventually fight teammate Jiyūjin Shinkirō, not out of hatred but in order to see how much he ha improved in comparison to the jinchūriki.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Kuma's relationship with Jiyūjin is somewhat based off that of Iruka Umino's relationship with Naruto Uzumaki. This is due to the fact that Iruka's parents were killed by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox during the attack on Konoha and that the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox was then subsequently sealed within Naruto, someone who he later had to teach. Likewise, Kuma's parents were killed by the Four-Tails which was then subsequently sealed in Jiyūjin, whom he was later paired with on Team Setsuko.


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