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Kuramoto Clan
Name Kuramoto Clan
Kanji 倉本氏族
Kekkei Genkai Ice Ice Release
Hidden Techniques Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals

Is a once prominent clan in Kirigakure, however over the course of several years the clan was wiped out by an unknown disease. Pushed to the brink of extinction, there is currently only one living Kuramoto left in existence; Koga Kuramoto.


Members of the Kuramoto Clan possesed very distinct kekkei genkai of Ice Release, which was only matched by there sister clan, Yuki Clan. Like its sister clan, the Kuramoto Clan is capable of the ultimate technique, Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals. Much like many clans with kekkei genkai - the Kekkai Genkai Shoukyo (血継限界消去, bloodline limite purge) at the time - the Kuramoto Clan went into hiding frequently, as a result from being cast aside by there peers, treated inferior and even at times killed because of there differences. Like the rest of Kirigakure, many civil ways erupted. As a result, the Kuramoto Clan fled Kirigakure for quite some time, in fact, nearly a decade had passed before they returned. After many years in solitude, the Kuramoto Clan arose once again, as a prominent clan for there powerful ice ninjutsu. Many ninja were well known, and to add, many Kuramoto Clansman had distinct chakra which enabled them to be the host for the Three-Tailed Beast. Before there could be any elaboration on this clan, there were wiped out by an unknown disease. All known documents on the Kuramoto Clan have been lost from the time of struggle. There last survivor is Koga Kuramoto. Koga has found one final piece to the extinction of his clan, a scroll that led him to the Land of Whirlpools, where the clan had resided during the time period of the great purge. It would seem that before they were wiped out, Koga's father, had passed on vital information to Koga regarding the Three-Tails. In the past, the Kuramoto Clan had been a well-knit family of stubborn, and prideful artisans, sculptors, and blacksmiths. This allowed them to maintain a grasp on the economic value of Kirigakure no Sato for the time being until the purge cleansed them of this money. Koga believes that if it were not for the purge and the disease, the Kuramoto would have been the most powerful clan in the Land of Water, matching Konoha's highly reputed Uchiha and Hyuuga Clans. Isane was the last elder of the clan to die, Koga's distant aunt, and was alive long enough to see Koga become a genin.

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