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Darkness Variation
Name Darkness Variation
Kanji くらやみ
Rank A
Range All-range
Other Jutsu

Kurayamino is a unique form of lightning release created by Reika Masamune. As the name suggests it is a darker variation of the standard lightning release and is purple in colour. Kurayamino is a purely used for offensive purposes and can be channelled from any part of the user’s body. The intensity of the Kurayamino varies based on several factors.

A skilled user can render a target unconscious with only a short burst. A single, powerful blast is sufficient to smash a large boulder into pieces. It can be used to physically hurl an opponent backwards. Reika is able to create powerful discharges that can branch out into dozens of small forks and targets multiple victims at once. She can also use the unique properties of Kurayamino to block a lightning release attack.

Derived JutsuEdit


  • The name Kurayamino variation is Japanese for darkness variation (暗闇(くらやみ) kurayami means darkness, and の no is the genitive suffix).
  • The technique was greatly inspired by the song Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino Variation) By Rob Dougan and the name of the technique comes from the title of the song.
  • Also influenced by the concept of Force Lightning, from the Star Wars series.

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