Kurikaze Akahada
Name Kurikaze Akahada
Kanji 赤肌 栗風
Personal Status
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Weight 67.5kg
Blood Type O
Affiliation Konohagakure
Twelve Guardian Ninja
Occupation Jōnin
Previous Occupation Chunin
Team Twelve Guardian Ninja
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Several Unknown
Previous Partner Unknown
Rank Jōnin
Jutsu Lotus' Reach
Wind Release: Piercing Wind

Kurikaze Akahada (赤肌 栗風, Akahada Kurikaze) is a Jōnin of Konohagakure as well as a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. Kurikaze serves as the leader of the group as his strength far surpasses the rest. Due to his actions during the Third Shinobi World War, Kurikaze would earn much fame under the moniker Muramasa's Arm (手の村正, Te no Muramasa).

Personality Edit

Despite rumors, Kurikaze is very gentle and kind. He carries a strong sense of pride and love for his village and the villagers and is willing to risk his life for the sake of their future. Kurikaze has seen many things in his life, ranging from watching a village burn down in a single night to the death of orphaned children. His status as Muramasa's Arm is his greatest regret, but he still wears the title with pride. He killed innocent and defenseless for the sake of war and spends every day of his life trying to null the pain.

Kurikaze is very wise, often seen around the Hidden Leaf spreading advice to the "younger generations". Despite his intelligence and very noble appearance, Kurikaze is commonly seen at Woman Bar's or at the bathhouses, leading to being called a pervert by many around the village.

Appearance Edit

Kurikaze wears a modified Konohagakure flak jacket with metal buckles going along the hips in a horizontal fashion. He wears a pair of black pants with an obi around his waist as well as a pair of black sandals. Kurikaze is always seen wearing his signature black cloak with similar metal buckles going along his shoulder and back.

Kurikaze commonly carries his signature set of katana, all of which he gained in battles against powerful shinobi.

Abilities Edit

As a Jōnin-leveled shinobi who is skilled enough to attain the rank of Captain of the Twelve Guardian Ninja, Kurikaze is said to be one of the strongest in the village. His skills in the field are unmatched; both his speed and stamina rivaling that of the Sannin.

Once serving as a member of the ANBU Black Ops; Kurikaze is highly adept in information gathering, recon work, tracking and stealth. He is capable of maneuvering behind his opponents without their notice. Kurikaze has very acute senses as well, being able to note even the smallest changes in an opponents movements.

Gaining a name for himself in the Third Shinobi World War, Kurikaze was apart of an ANBU battalion sent to perform recon on Iwagakure shinobi. Discovered by the enemy forces, all but Kurikaze was killed. Kurikaze went on to kill the dozens of attacking Iwagakure shinobi with his signature technique. Such a feat was deemed worthy by his fellow shinobi, setting him on the fast track to becoming a member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja.

Kurikaze has also shown to have mastered the Summoning Technique, his personal summons being the Tiger Trio.

Nature Transformation & Shape Manipulation Edit

Highly-skilled in the manipulation of his chakra nature, Kurikaze's skills in this art go unmatched. At a young age, Kurikaze had already learned to utilized his own Wind Release nature and further mastered it as he came to control it's shape. Kurikaze has shown to skilfully wield the Wind Nature to the point where he is known by many shinobi from other nations, several commending him on his skills during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War.

His use of Lotus' Reach is undying proof that he has gained full control over his chakra nature, skilfully bending the Wind chakra around his blade and expelling it forward in a single gesture. He is also quite knowledgeable on other chakra natures, capable of breaking down the concept of the Fire nature to a group of Academy students.

Kurikaze commonly focuses his chakra through ninja tools, a signature style of his, allowing him to skilfully take on his enemies with enhanced tools and weapons.

Kenjutsu Edit

Kurikaze is a master swordsman, commonly relying on the use of a Wind-chakra enhanced katana to slice down his foes with pinpoint precision. After years of battles, Kurikaze has acquired a vast collection of different swords and weapons, all of which he has mastered. Commonly carrying a set of four katana and three tanto strapped to his back, Kurikaze is feared for how lethal he is with a blade. By using his Wind-nature chakra, Kurikaze is capable of extending the reach of his blade, allowing him to attack an opponent without moving from his spot. His moniker was gained for this skill, something he holds no pride in, for he gained it by killing the innocent and weak.

In the past, Kurikaze traveled to the Land of Iron where he took up sparring under several Samurai. He proved to be skilled enough to combat the revered swordsman within the Samurai's ranks, earning their respect in the progress.

Quotes Edit

"The Village is sacred... I will not let you harm anyone as long as I stand here!"
— Kurikaze proclaiming to protect the village

"I have wronged many people in my life in my actions... I am not here to gain your praise or your commending. I am here to redeem myself"
— Kurikaze on his past actions

Trivia Edit

  • According to Kurikaze's Databook entry:
    • Kurikaze's hobby is fishing and lounging around the village.
    • Kurikaze wished to fight Asuma Sarutobi, a former member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja prior to his death.
    • Kurikaze's favorite food is Ramen with his own homemade spices while his least favorite is anything sour.
    • Kurikaze has completed 1,141 official missions in total: 197 D-rank, 190 C-rank, 414 B-rank, 298 A-rank, 42 S-rank.
    • Kurikaze's favorite word is "Konohagakure"
  • Kurikaze's likeness comes from that of Gildarts Clive from the manga Fairy Tail.