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Kusanagi Secret Technique: Evil Blade Dance
Blade Dance
Name Kusanagi Secret Technique: Evil Blade Dance
Kanji 草薙秘術:悪刀 踊り
Rank B
Range Long-range
Other Jutsu

Using the souls that are bound to the sword, the user can encase the blade of the Amatsu-Mikaboshi with the souls of the dead, turning it into an incorporeal blade, by doing so allows the user to extend the blade far past its natural limits. Despite the blade no longer possessing a physical form, it still retains the ability to cut, and because the blade is no longer restricted to a physical form, it can be used with much more flexibility. In essence the Amatsu-Mikaboshi becomes a chakra blade fuelled by the power of the souls, this can be used to one’s own advantage as the blade now extends 50 times its normal length. Whenever the blade is used in it incorporeal form, it glows white and extends at a high speed to impale an opponents from a distance. Reika is able to maintain the extension and swing the incorporeal blade in wide arcs, attacking multiple opponents simultaneously.

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