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Kusanagi Secret Technique: Lightning Calamity
Name Kusanagi Secret Technique: Lightning Calamity
Kanji 草薙秘術:雷災厄
Rank A
Range Mid-range
Other Jutsu

By channelling her lightning release chakra directly through the Amatsu sword, Reika can enhance the power of her lightning release attacks. The mixture between the lightning elemental chakra and the evil sword causes her lightning chakra to change its appearance from the standard blue to that of black with a red outline. This enhanced lightning is much stronger than the standard lightning elemental chakra, as it is capable of not only overwhelming regular lightning release attacks but is also strong against wind release chakra nature. In this form most of her abilities are less focused and more destructive than the regular variant, due to the lack of required precision necessary by its regular counterpart. Reika refers to this black lightning as Kyō (凶, calamity), due to its destructive nature.

Despite the powers and abilities provided by this technique, as with most technique associated with the Amatsu sword, there are side effects. One such side effect is that if not controlled or used properly Reiko herself can be damaged by the black lightning, despite the fact that the black lightning originally generated from her own lightning release chakra, once it mixes with the unnatural properties of the Amatsu sword, the lightning itself is altered to reflect the evil nature of the sword. Before using this technique Reika usually wraps bandages around both her hands, to ensure her safety.

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