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Kusanagi Secret Technique: Remembrance of the Souls
Name Kusanagi Secret Technique: Remembrance of the Souls
Kanji 草薙秘術:魂の記憶
Rank A
Range Mid-range
Other Jutsu

A sinister technique that draws its power from the souls bounded to the Amatsu-Mikaboshi sword. The jutsu is activated by unsheathing the sword and calling out the name of the technique, the swords begins to glow, emanating a white aura, which then summons ten spirits to the user’s side. The spirits are used as aids in battle, and can be controlled by the user with just a simple hand gesture. The user may command the spirits to either attack an opponent or provide cover for them, even if a command isn’t issued, the spirits are still bound to protect the sword at all cost. Out of the one hundred souls that are bound to the sword, once the technique has been invoked the user is able to summon ten of them at any time.

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