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Name Kusuna
Kanji クスナ
Romanji Kusuna
Personal Status
Birthdate January 1st
Age 48
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 158 lbs (give or take a few pounds)
Blood Type Was born with O Type. Changes often.
Hometown Yukigakure
Home Country Land of Snow
Affiliation Kirigakure
Previous Affiliation Sunagakure (first)
Amegakure (second)
Occupation Shinobi
Previous Occupation None
Family Maki (Mother - Deceased)
Nishijo (Father - Deceased)
Rank Jonin Commander
Academy Grad. Age 8 (Sunagakure)
Chūnin Prom. Age 10 (Amegakure)
Jōnin Prom. Age 14 (Amegakure)
Jutsu What's shown below and your imagination

Kusuna (クスナ, Kusuna) is the Jonin Commander of Kirigakure. He was born January 1st 20 BNB.


As a young child, Kusuna was a loving individual. He was a bubbly child and wasn't very shy. This changed after his parents' death. Because of this, Kusuna became less social; almost mute. He grew up in a sad environment due to an absence of parental love though this slightly changed after "Toshiro" took Kusuna in as his own. Kusuna never really socialized much with others.

In his older years; Kusuna is a typically relaxed, selfless and level-headed individual who almost always has a somewhat bored attitude. Kusuna does a good job at masking his feelings. He makes attempts to avoid any serious commitments or responsibilities, doing as little as necessary and being ever-modest about his capabilities. Kusuna is a naturally lazy person. His goal was to live unremarkably, free of anything of noticeable good or bad, and then to die just as unremarkably as he lived. Kusuna will always step up for the sake of his friends or what he truly believes in. He will at times show a somewhat comedic behavior, teasing or cracking jokes (even if at bad times). He hardly ever smiles except for during such moments or when he's with his family. Though not always home, he never forgets about his friends or family and feels a deep connection to them. He is also very protective and patient.

During combat, Kusuna isn't always very serious. He'll play with and tease his opponent/s while keeping a cool and relaxed mindset. He also isn't against goading his enemies. When faced with a powerful enemy or a difficult decision, he can become very serious. He is extremely good at keeping himself hidden even though he should've been a well-known shinobi, very few knew of him before his reveal. Kusuna is also an extremely intelligent individual, even more so than the likes of Black Zetsu, Shikaku Nara and Shikamaru Nara.


As a child, Kusuna had long, chin length, black hair and his bangs were almost always covering his eyes; even as a baby. He greatly resembles a child Nagato. All except his hair color.

HEART ROBBER by jinx star

Kusuna in his adulthood releasing some of his Jashin Chakra.

Kusuna, as an adult, has long, smooth, upper chest length, black hair. His bangs were usually covering his light-purple colored eyes. He is normally seen wearing a black hooded robe that reaches his feet when traveling. Under this, he wears his normal attire.

When releasing his Jashin Chakra, Kusuna's eyes become a glowing green and they darken around the sides. He gains large black cuts all over his body that are held shut with large black stitches. Black chakra emanates from within these wounds. He grows a large smile while his lips are nearly completely held together with black stitches.



January 1st - Born on a small farm located in the Land of Snow, just outside of Yukigakure.

His mother (Maki) was seen as just an ordinary woman though she was born with Sensory abilities like that of Karin. She works as a housewife/farmer on her husbands and her land. She was born in Uzushiogakure but moved to the Land of Snow at a young age (2). Her parents were Uzumaki clan members that were killed on a mission. Kusuna's father was a Yukigakure Jonin named Nishijo. Nishijo was born in the Land of Snow and his parents were not shinobi.

January 1st to December 31st - Kusuna was raised by his parents in the Land of Snow.

Age 1Edit

January 1st to December 31st - Kusuna was raised by his parents in the Land of Snow. Mostly by his mother as his father was busy on missions.

Age 2Edit

January 1st to December 31st - Still being raised by parents.

Age 3Edit

January 1st to March 2nd - Raised by parents.

March 3rd - During a dispute between Yukigakure and Ishigakure, a large group of around 150 Ishi shinobi attack Yukigakure as well as the Land of Snow. A four-man squad of high-level Ishi Jonin attack Kusuna's house. His father, using his Water Release techniques manages to kill one of the four. The other three unleash a devastatingly powerful Earth Release collaboration dragon attack on him, killing him. Kusuna's mother hides Kusuna and using her unique Sensory abilities as well as a discarded kunai from the previous battle, attacks and stabs one of them in the neck, killing him. She is quickly disposed of by the remaining two. The two, having basic sensory skills, notice a week chakra signature from inside the house. Before they can find Kusuna, a group of Sunagakure shinobi led by Chiyo arrive and wipe the two out. Yuki, with Suna's assistance, wins this large battle.

They later bring Kusuna to an orphanage located in Sunagakure.

Ages 4 and 5Edit

Kusuna stayed at the orphanage in Sunagakure. Saw other children playing using chakra threads to control small puppets. Kusuna became fascinated with this and soon began leaving the orphanage unannounced to practice the Puppet Master technique.

Age 6Edit

The Second Shinobi World War begins at some point. Kusuna stumbles upon a mysterious, previously destroyed town in Suna. There, Kusuna meets an old man named "Toshiro" (was actually an old famous shinobi named Monzaemon Chikamatsu who was thought dead). Toshiro was amazed at Kusuna's talent with the Puppet technique, being able to control two puppets at once at such a young age while not even being a ninja. Kusuna soon leaves the orphanage when Toshiro decides to take him in as his own. Begins training with Toshiro and was taught basic ninja skills like E-ranked techniques and such. Received a bit of training in Kenjutsu and Taijutsu as well.

Age 7Edit

Continues his training with Toshiro. Learns to control four puppets at once now. Receives deadly poison and puppet weaponry training. Was also taught basic Wind Release which he could use simultaneously with his puppets.

Age 8Edit

Urged to become a shinobi by Toshiro. One day, two Chunin "Suna" shinobi attack Sunagakure. The two, about to murder an innocent family were taken down by Kusuna. The Third Kazekage witnessed this and offered Kusuna a spot in the Ninja Academy to which he accepts. Becomes an Academy Student. Learns to use Wind Release armor on himself and his puppets. Finds out that the two shinobi that attacked Suna were actually Kumogakure Chunin sent to retrieve info for the war.

Age 9Edit

Graduated the ninja academy with the top scores and becomes a Genin. Was placed on a four-man squad. Went on 21 missions in three months and passed every one. 15 D-ranked, 4 C-ranked, and 2 B-ranked. Met Chiyo and trained his puppetry skills under her for two months. Later meets Sasori and he teaches him his Memory Needle technique. Was able to go on five missions during this time. 1 D-ranked and 4 C-ranked. Amegakure finds out about Monzaemon and Hanzo and Kandachi along with 18 Ame Anbu arrive to kill him. Toshiro (Monzaemon) no longer having his ten puppet collection, fends them off and is able to take six of the Anbu down. Hanzo then kills Toshiro. Kusuna, still fighting the enemy, kills two of the Anbu. About to kill a third with his five puppets. Hanzo and Kandachi intervene and knock him out. They bring him back to Amegakure. Sunagakure sends out teams to track Kusuna (not knowing what happened) but they overall list him as killed in the war. Kusuna was later released from an Amegakure prison after a week. Kusuna had no affection for Suna, especially after Hanzo convinces him that Toshiro was a very bad man. Hanzo told Kusuna the truth about Toshiro and who he really was. He then accepts Hanzo's request for him to become a Genin in Ame. Remained a genin for three days. He was later allowed to join Ame's Anbu. Being personally trained by Hanzo, Kusuna learned to summon giant salamanders, basic Water Release, how to rapidly move underwater, extensive poison training, bombs, basic Fire Release, Kusarigamajutsu, Kenjutsu, poison-related taijutsu and breath attacks. Had other training in various areas as well. Learned to control six puppets now. Went on 39 missions during this time. 6 D-ranked, 19 C-ranked, 2 B-ranked and 12 A-ranked. Went on a few missions pertaining to the second shinobi world war, fought a bit in it.

Age 10Edit

Kusuna chooses to drop the Anbu. Continues training with Hanzo. Is awarded the rank of Chunin. Learns to control seven puppets and awakens his mother's Sensory abilities. Went on 50 missions at this time. 22 C-ranked, 11 B-ranked, 15 A-ranked and 2 S-ranked. Masters string and wire training. Fights more in the war.

Age 11Edit

Trained and went on missions. Learned basic Genjutsu from Kandachi. Masters the Chakra Suppression technique. Master areas like Subterfuge, Escapism, Tracking, Espionage, Stealth, and Evasion. Went on 32 missions during this time. 8 C-ranked, 20 B-ranked, 3 A-ranked and 1 S-ranked. Master Senbon/Umbrella techniques. Kusuna hardly weaved any signs at all during combat and only used them for very powerful techniques; through the use of a single hand. Fought Samurai on an A-ranked mission and copied their Chakra Blade techniques. Fought a bit in the war.

Age 12Edit

Infiltrated Kumogakure as one of their Chunin as a spy for Amegakure. He operated under the code name, Raikiri while in Kumo. Got all cozy with the Third Raikage, A and Killer B. Trained with Motoi and learned basic Lightning Release as well as how to summon and use Owls. Received Genjutsu training and learned how to dispel many low-level genjutsu.

Age 13Edit

Moved back and forth between Ame and Kumo, giving Ame intel. Began training with A and Killer B. Learns basic Sealing techniques from B. Learns the Lightning Release armor from A as well as Nintaijutsu. Master's A's speed and the thirds Hell Stab technique in secret.

Age 14Edit

Fakes his death in Kumogakure. Returns to Amegakure and is awarded Jonin status. Trains and goes on missions. Learns to use ten puppets at once now. Learns Puppet related Sealing techniques and how to use other techniques with his puppets.

Age 15Edit

Trains and continues missions. Learns to summon Ibuse. The whole Pain/Nagato thing happens in Amegakure. He then flees the village with Kandachi and a few others. Before leaving, Kusuna used a large scale version of his Memory Needle technique on everyone in the village excluding those fleeing alongside him. Kusuna explains to Kandachi and the others about some of Pain's abilities; specifically, the Mind Reading one and says that they can't beat him. He asks them if he may use his Memory Needle technique on them for their safety and they agree with him. Kandachi tells Kusuna the truth about Monzaemon and apologizes to which Kusuna thanks him in return. They all split ways. Kusuna travels for the remainder of the year training and such. Has an encounter with Mahiru, Taiseki and Kakko. Defeats them and masters Taiseki's Hiding in Camouflage technique.

Age 16Edit

Finds a small town in the Land of Fire and settles down. Continues his training. Develops a technique he calls, Gravity Walking. This technique allows Kusuna to move as though he is in Earths gravity no matter where he is. Avoids the beginning of the Third Shinobi World War as much as possible.

Age 17Edit

Still living in the Land of Fire. Infiltrates Konohagakure and learned to use Yamanaka clan techniques, rasengan techniques, Medical Ninjutsu, Chakra Enhanced Strength, Shadow Possession techniques, Gentle Fist, extensive shurikenjutsu training, Shadow Clone Shuriken, masters the use of Fuma Shuriken, Sasuke's weapon summoning tags, basic Earth Release, Strong Fist, Danzo's sealing techniques, training in various other weapons, Masters the 8 Gates and can open them all and Jiraiya's Oil based techniques. Stole Kikaichu from an Aburame clan member. Harvested them in his right arm. Later did the same with Shikuro Aburame's insects in his left arm. Trains his Sensory abilities so that he can see Chakra and Chakra Points like that of a Sharingan or a Byakugan user. Returns to his home in the Land of Fire after 11 months of training in Konoha.

Age 18Edit

Trains and avoids the third war as much as possible.

Age 19Edit

Continues to train and do small time work. Infiltrates Ishigakure unnoticed and finds its leader. They speak about what happened in the Land of Snow and Yukigakure 16 years prior. Leaves and returns to his home to train. Fought a bit in the war for money.

Age 20Edit

Trains and hones all of his skills. Awakens his Magnet Release kekkei genkei which he uses with Iron Sand. Becomes able to dispel many genjutsu.

October 10th - Naruto Uzumaki is born. During the Masked Man's (Obito's) attack on Konoha, Kusuna discreetly assisted in protecting civilians from the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit (Kurama).

Age 21Edit

Leaves the Land of Fire and finds a place in the Land of Water to settle down in. Learns powerful Barrier Ninjutsu from a retired Kirigakure shinobi. Can use 20 puppets at once now. Implements all of his abilities into collabs with his puppets. Learns to use Magnet Release Fuinjutsu/Sealing techniques. Masters his own unique ability - uses barriers of any shape that turn to Space-Time barriers at will and send all attacks away. Barriers can block a full-powered Tailed Beast Ball. He can throw them, make them human-sized with enough suction to suck up something as large as Madara's Great Fire Annihilation technique. Limited to 20 uses per day. Teleported attacks go to a Kamui-like dimension and are dissipated immediately.

Age 22Edit

Trains. Meets a remnant of the Yuki clan and masters Ice Release with their help. Kusuna's chakra levels were so vast at this period of time that he could fight for 48 hours straight before collapsing.

Ages 23 to 24Edit

Trains. Still lives in the Land of Water. Learns to move faster than the likes of Hanzo or Kisame underwater.

Age 25Edit

Takes a trip to the Land of Rice Fields. Finds himself in Orochimaru's company. They battle and Orochimaru offers Kusuna power to which Kusuna "accepts". Trains with him and his underlings for five months. Learns the Chakra Dissection Blade, Medical Ninjutsu beyond Kabuto's level, how to summon giant snakes, Sound based ninjutsu with weapons and such, how to summon up to five Rashomon at once, how to summon giant spiders, Fuma clan techniques, Kidomaru's techniques, how to summon the Doki and the Soft Body Modification technique. Kusuna has no intention of staying with Orochimaru, steals a map to Ryuchi Cave. Fakes his death and heads for Ryuchi Cave. Receives Senjutsu training from the White Snake Sage and learns Sage Mode and Jugo's Curse Mark abilities after a week and heads back to his home in the Land of Water to train.

Age 26Edit

Just chills and trains a bit to hone his skills. During a trip to Yugakure for the Hot Springs, Kusuna meets a rogue Yu Shinobi and learns Forbidden Fuinjutsu. Specifically, a technique that allows him to seal the abilities of the deceased into himself through mere contact. While training with the rogue Yugakure shinobi, a faction of about ten rogue Yugakure Shinobi attack and slaughter the other rogue ninja. Kusuna begins battle with the ten shinobi. They ramble on and on during the fight, speaking about Lord Jashin and a fellow named Hidan. They utilize Hidan's Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed Blood jutsu though they aren't immortal. They also wield Triple-Bladed Scythes and have various other techniques. Kusuna manages to defeat them and takes the remaining one (Vecna) to a secure area. He looks into his mind with an advanced Yamanaka Clan technique and learns many dark secrets that Kusuna himself won't dare talk about. Kusuna decides to kill Vecna and just before he can, he chants a demonic prayer to Jashin which makes many demon-like creatures called Howlers rip their way through his body, killing him. These creatures utilize a weak version of Kimimaro's Bone techniques and other abilities. Kusuna kills them all. Many months later, in the middle of the night, a humanoid resembling Hidan in his Cursed state attacks Kusuna. This individual turns out to be Jashin. After a long battle, Kusuna knowing Jashin is much stronger than he is and fearing what he has previously learned, attempts to seal him away inside of himself after receiving major wounds. Kusuna succeeds in this attempt. Gains all of Jashin's abilities excluding immortality. Sometimes, when using Jashin's Chakra, Jashin can speak alongside Kusuna though that's all he can do. Sometime later, Kusuna develops a technique made to specifically combat people like Hidan. This technique allows him to control his blood with Water Release. He can control any of his blood within a mile radius of himself. Kusuna can also change his Blood Type whenever he wishes. Learns how to summon the Shinigami which takes massive amounts of chakra to do.

Age 27Edit

Trains. Masters a Barrier technique where a thin barrier covers the body that prevents any and all genjutsu from passing it.

Age 28Edit

Masters the Flying Raijin technique he picked up when he was 17. Places his Flying Raijin mark on every single particle of Iron Sand he has. Can summon and de-summon Iron Sand.

Age 29Edit

Joins the Akatsuki for some time to gather intel. Was paired with Sasori. Faked his death after five months of being in the organization. Returned to his home in the Land of Water. Learned Pain's Almighty Push, Itachi's Crow techniques, Konan's Paper abilities and Zetsu's Mayfly technique. Also learns to breathe underwater.

Age 30Edit

Has a run in with the Akatsuki, excluding Pain, Konan and Zetsu. They begin fighting whilst Kusuna works to keep his identity a secret from them. Copied Kakuzu's Body Hardening technique, Kisame's Hiding in Mist, Silent Killing, Chakra Absorption, Shark techniques, and summonings. Has immense Kenjutsu skill now. Hidan refuses to do battle saying that Kusuna is the Reincarnated Jashin. Manages to escape the battle. Trained both his eyes to be like Deidara's one modified eye. Kusuna developed a unique technique where he could instead weave hand seals with his eyes rather than with his hands. He almost never uses hand seals now.

Ages 31 to 34Edit

All these years Kusuna hones his normal speed to be faster than Rock Lee without weights and his sense of smell greater than that of Kiba Inuzuka's. On a trip, Kusuna finds Mt. Shumisen and the corpses left behind. Uses a Forbidden technique he learned from a Rogue Yugakure shinobi to look into their bodies and learn their techniques. Learns Dark Release (though he rarely uses it), Steel Release, Storm Release, Swift Release, Double-headed snake techniques, Scorch Release, Toroi's Style of Magnet Release, Chukichi's Frost abilities, Gari's Explosion Release, Chimera technique (never uses it), how to summon the chimera's and Hiruko's abilities.

Age 35Edit

The Fourth Shinobi World War begins. Kusuna uses the Barrier technique he learned when he was younger to avoid the effects of the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Trains for a month. Later goes to Kirigakure and asks to join since the worlds change. Is allowed and is made a Jonin by Mei Terumi (the current Mizukage) after battling her and winning. Shows her his past with his recently learned Past Sharing technique. Tracks Hidan's burial grounds and places an extremely powerful Barrier Ninjutsu around it so Hidan can never leave. This technique is permanent and won't disappear even if Kusuna dies.

Age 36Edit

Trains and goes on missions. Falls in love with Mei. They begin dating. Meets all the current Kage in Konohagakure and shares his past with them through the Past Sharing technique. Becomes the Jonin Commander in Kirigakure.

Age 37Edit

Trains. Marries Mei. Is given the Seven Swordsman of the Mist's blades excluding Chojuro's, Samehada, Kiba and Kubiri. Masters them all. Learns to control 30 puppets at once now. Hones all of his techniques. In Konoha, Kusuna trains with Naruto and he learns to create 1000 Shadow Clones. Can combine all moves. Receives extensive Earth Release training from Onoki and Kurotsuchi. Taught how to fly by Onoki and how to control things weight. Kusuna still appears quite young due to large chakra amounts. Mei teaches him Lava Release and Boil Release. Kusuna masters all known types of Lava Release. On another trip to Konoha, Kusuna runs into Guren, Gozu and Yukimaru. They recently arrived in Konoha as an offer from Kakashi Hatake. Kusuna mentions that while he was in the Land of Rice Fields with Orochimaru, he had read up on files containing information regarding various Otogakure shinobi and experiments. He requests a battle with Guren to which she agrees. After their match ended with Guren's loss, Kusuna requests she teaches him her Crystal Release to which she states it cannot be taught. Kakashi informs her of Kusuna's special ability to learn almost anything. They train together and Kusuna masters the Crystal Release in two weeks time. Guren asks Kusuna to see if they can move to the Land of Water. Kusuna asks them why they don't just become Kiri shinobi, the boy has family that originates from there. Kusuna informs Yukimaru of Yagura. They move to Kiri and Mei makes Guren and Gozu Jonin while Yukimaru is made a Tokubetsu Jonin. Later, Kusuna trains with Chojuro, learning many of his techniques. Learns Black Lightning from Darui and Nature Release genjutsu from C. Kusuna becomes good friends with Guren this year and they hang out often.

Ages 38 to 48Edit

Trains and such. Has a Chakra Level close to that of Hagoromo. Around this time Kusuna was seen as one of the most gifted shinobi in history, recognized as the strongest alive. Kusuna has surpassed the likes of Madara Uchiha, Hashirama Senju, Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki etc. and could hold his own against the likes of Hagoromo and even challenge Kaguya and last days battling her to a near standstill (only losing due to exhaustion and chakra loss; is unable to seal her due to his connections with Yuki). He could fight for weeks on end before collapsing due to sheer exhaustion.


  • In this somewhat alternate timeline, everything happens the same except for when Hanzo died.
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