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Kyogi Shinja
Heir of Deception (詐欺の相続, Sagi no sōzoku)
Name Kyogi Shinja
Kanji 虚偽・信者
Personal Status
Birthdate October 27
Age 18 years old (Fourth Shinobi World War)
43 years old (Present)
Gender Male Male
Height 182 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type O-
Hometown Shinja no Toride Symbol Shinja no Toride
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Affiliation Land of Wolves Symbol Land of Wolves
Akatsuki Symbol Akatsuki
Kirigakure Symbol Kirigakure
Occupation Hanshido Hanshidō
Team Team S Symbol Team Sagiurū
Partner Hōjō Sarutobi
Family Shinja Shinja Clan (Maternal)
Akumajō Clan Symbol Akumajō Clan (Paternal)
Viper Shinja (Ancestor)
Deimosu Shinja (Grandfather)
Nyx Shinja (Mother)
Dr. Akumajō (Father)
Himori Niigata (Wife)
Atsuko Shinja (Daughter)
Dirzyn Shinja (Son)
Kaede Ryuusei (Daughter)
Professional Status
Rank Jōnin Symbol Jonin
Classification Missing-nin
Ninja Registration 000117
Academy Grad. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 14
Kekkei Genkai Daijagan2 Daijagan
Daijagan1 Transcendent Daijagan
Nature Type Nature Icon Nihil Nihil Release
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release (親和)
Jutsu Nature Icon Nihil Asteria
Nature Icon Nihil Nihil Release: Astris
Nature Icon Nihil Nihil Release: Caria
Nature Icon Nihil Nihil Release: Zorya
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release: Malefic Inferno
Nature Icon Fire Fire Release: Ruination
Nature Icon Wind Wind Release: Azure Step
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Deicide
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Infernal Armour
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Infernal Breaker
Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Starfall
Beatdown Fist
*Opening Stance
*Deceptive Stance
Body Flicker Technique
Summoning Technique (Ninōkami)
Weapons Basic Shinobi Tools
Kyogi Shinja(虚偽・信者, Lit. Deceptive Believer) is the current Hanshidō of the Shinja Clan. He was branded an S-Rank missing-nin by the Fourth Raikage following his foiled attempted on a councilman's life. At present, he is a member of the Reborn Akatsuki, partnered with Hōjō Sarutobi.

Appearance Edit

Kyogi appears as a tall male of athletic build, with fair skin, messy, onyx hair, and the trademark emerald eyes of the Shinja Clan. He is easily recognized by the fūinjutsu upon his visage, set into place in order to preserve his Kekkei Genkai against avaricious hands. Aside from the standard Akatsuki cloak and straw hat, he is almost always dressed in a relatively comfortable attire consisting of a black hakama, an emerald cloak and sash, and a mesh shirt commonly worn by shinobi worldwide. He also, of course, dons the trademark footwear of the shinobi world: open-toed sandals.

Personality Edit

Go into battle clinging to life and it shall be torn from you.

—Kyogi before The Battle of Shinja no Toride

Most likely a result of his turbulent past, Kyogi has developed into a deceptive individual whose true thoughts and feelings are carefully guarded against the common eye. He comes off as a chilly intellectual: typically antisocial and overtly formal whenever spoken too. However, this is simply a pretense, for within he is a passionate individual who feels deeply for those around him. On the field of battle, Kyogi is a collected combatant. He utilizes simple solutions when confronted with difficult situations and typically comes out on top. Despite this general demeanor, he also displays belligerence towards those of the Hidden Cloud; a seething hatred that causes him to relentlessly pursue and annihilate those loyal to the Raikage he despises.

Relationships Edit

Main article: Kyogi's Relationships

Background Edit

Early Life Edit

Kyogi was born into an era of supreme unrest amongst his Clan. During pregnancy, his mother: the Hanshidō Nyx Shinja, was subject to the most loathesome forms of abuse at the hands of her husband, Dr. Akumajō. This resulted in a perpetual state of depression that allowed the Doctor to wrest power over the clan from her hands. To make matters worse, Akumajō's position within the Raikage's personal council made it near impossible for the Shinja to sanction village assistance. With this newfound power, the Doctor now had a large body of upper-level shinobi to experiment upon for militant purposes.

Young Kyogi

Young Kyogi, a promising Student

Young Kyogi was oblivous to the oppression of his family, as his mother sheltered him greatly and immediately enrolled him in the Academy once he came of age. With her encouragement, he excelled in his studies and was identified as an exceptionally talented youth; something the Village expected from the son of their most decorated researcher. From thence, he was promoted to the rank of Genin at the age of seven and sent on various missions across the Lands. One year later, his mother reached her absolute breaking point. As opposed to acting, which would have further endangered the lives of her kinsmen and her beloved son, she vanished at first opportunity to an undisclosed location. Kyogi discovered her gone upon returning from a mission, his greatest treasure in the world gone. It was the sudden confrontation of his inner fear turned reality that shocked his Kekkei Genkai into existence. He was perceptive enough to know his sire was to blame for his mother's disappearance but was far from strong enough to do anything about it.

The Conquest of Fear Edit

With the Daijagan's impressive abilities at his disposal, Kyogi quickly ascended to the rank of Chūnin and sought to use the congratulatory audience with the Raikage as his forum to plead the case of the Shinja. Despite his best efforts, the Kage was fooled by the expert pretense that Akumajō had adopted for so many years and dismissed the youth's words without a second thought. It was there that Kyogi began to lose faith in the village he held to such high esteem, but that did not deter him from making known the atrocities of the Shinja at every opportunity. The village viewed him as a disturbed youth, no doubt an additional lie added to the web spun at the hands of his sire, but in the end Kyogi's skill still rewarded him with the rank Jōnin shortly thereafter.

Jonin Kyogi

Kyogi; member of the Research Staff.

Immediately, Kyogi requested a position amongst the Kumogakure's research staff, adopting a pretense of his own in order to gain information about what his sire had been up to. The result was the shocking revelation of his father's true treachery. The true purpose of wresting power away from his mother in the first place was in order to test a new technique upon the psyche of expert warriors of various bloodlines. This technique would tear away any forms of memory, emotion, or any other aspect that could be fuel for resistance and programmed their ninjutsu capabilities as raw instincts. In essence, Akumajō used the Shinja Clan in order to craft a horde of Drones eager to do his will. This outraged Kyogi beyond comprehension, and in a fit of fury, he burst in upon a meeting of the Raikage and his council, demanding answers as to why these atrocities were allowed to go on.

The Raikage shocked Kyogi with his answer, briefly detailing the project's intent to turn enemy units into mindless servants to strengthen the Village's militant prowess and that he ought to be proud that his father achieved such a merit. Kyogi attempted to assassinate his sire then and there, but was easily struck down by the Raikage's own hand. He managed to escape the full wrath of the Kage and vacate the village, being declared as a missing-nin thereafter. He had lost everything at that point. He lost faith in his Village, faith in himself, and faith in the common decency of humankind. With utterly nothing left to have faith in, there was nothing else for him to fear. His ultimate defeat caused the surfacing of his Transcendent Daijagan, and with it the sparks to a blazing inferno of resolve. They would indeed pay for the crimes they had commited against him, his mother, and his clan, t'was only a matter of time.

Hanshidō Edit

From Kumogakure, he traveled due south to the Land of Water, where several of the Clan had taken up residence since the before Kyogi's infancy. They informed the Mizukage of their plight and, with Kyogi's tale as added verification, convinced her to grant him amnesty within Kirigakure for a brief span of time. While residing there, he commissioned the forging of a sword that could handle the degree of lightning release tactics he was attempting to build; for in order to get close to his sire, he had to first deal with the Raikage. A years worth of time passed, and the greatest salvation fell from the heavens in the form of the Fires of War. The Fourth Shinobi World War had entered its expositionary phases, the Raikage was now occupied with the Allied Shinobi Forces and the quelling of the Akatsuki; leaving Akumajō behind in Shinja no Torine.

This was an opportunity that Kyogi would have been foolish to turn down, and, with the support of the remaining Shinja in tow, he led an assault upon his birthplace. Although severely outnumbered and seemingly outmatched, they prevailed in cutting down the hordes of Drones and Kumo-nin that had taken up residence in their ancestral halls and put to an end the life of Dr. Akumajō. Kyogi was privileged enough to choke the final breath from the man's throat. In the aftermath, Kyogi was unanimously declared Hanshidō of the Shinja Clan, on the grounds that he had rallied them, led them against seemingly impossible odds, and avenged their fallen clansmen. Their first mission as a unified body was the total eradication of the Kumogakure Research Facility, the destruction of any and all Drones, and the silencing of any who held information of how to utilize the technique. From there, they retired to their ancestral home with intents of rebuilding their lives for better, though Kyogi had a different goal as his priority: finding his mother.

Abilities Edit

As a the leader of a renowned clan and member of the Reborn Akatsuki, Kyogi stands as a deadly combatant on the field of battle. From the time of his youth, he has been identified as an exceptionally talented male with a passion for the shinobi arts. He is a balanced warrior, built for speed through usage of his nintaijutsu and heavy destruction through usage of his kekkei genkai and elemental releases. His is tactical-minded as well, often shifting through multiple strategies to turn the tide of battle in his favor.

Intellect Edit

Over the years, Kyogi's intelligence and overall prowess on the field of battle have matured exponentially. Stemming from his sheltered childhood, in which his mother would regularly force-feed knowledge into his young mind, Kyogi holds a vast amount of knowledge on the physical world, understanding the cultures of the numerous lands and villages of the known universe. For the most part, he applies this knowledge towards the upbringing of his Clan, making it common practice for each member to be thoroughly educated in the ways of potentially enemy shinobi.

Deceptive Ability Edit

Kyogi has demonstrated a proficiency in the ability he has loathed since the time of his childhood: the capability to adopt convincing pretense that can fool even the most astute minds. It has been theorized that this exceptional, decepetive ability could be the bloodline limit of his sire's lineage, though Kyogi has made no effort, nor has any desire, to explore this claim at all. He applies this ability entirely for personal benefit, manipulating others outside of his circle of clansman and friends in order to financially stimulate the Land of Wolves' economy. He also utilizes this "gift" on the world stage, making diplomatic arrangements that generally favor his homeland. At present, his crowning achievements utilizing his gift of Deception are the alliance with Kirigakure, where he played upon his own affections for the Mizukage in order to promote the Land of Wolves, and a neutrality agreement forged with the Lightning Daimyo. At present, he plans to utilize this talent for financial and diplomatic gain for the Akatsuki. It is for usage of this ability that he has adopted the moniker Heir of Deception, an allusion to the sire he despises so.

Strategic Ability Edit

Kyogi has also demonstrated a high degree of tactical aptitude, both in leadership and supporting roles over the course of many missions. This began, in part, due to the awakening of his Kekkei Genkai, in which he could now clearly visualize the energies of opposing forces. Over time, his skills matured to the point where he could easily adapt to the flow of battle; conqueroring his opponents through the exploitation of weakness or simply overpowering them with his tremendous offensive capabilities. He is adept in coordination, both individual and joint, demonstrated through the conquest of the modern day Land of Wolves. However, Kyogi is not vain or overconfident in his abilities. Where some blindly rush into battle, Kyogi stands towards the rear or flank, preferring to cover his comrades and maintain visual over the engagement zone as to leave no blind-spots and minimize casualties.

Physical Capability Edit

Nintaijutsu Edit


Interdiction. A joint application of Fire and Lightning utilized within the Beatdown Fist Style.

Though Kyogi, in terms of appearance, is not what is defined as a taijutsu specialist, he does house tremendous capabilities in the arts of incorporating nature transformation into hand-to-hand combat. While training with intents of defeating the Fourth Raikage, Kyogi developed a ninjutsu by the name of Lightning Release: Infernal Breaker. Over time, this lightning release tactic would become the basis for his nintaijutsu, in which he conceived a fighting stance and integrated his signature skill. This fighting style, by the name of Beatdown Fist (ビートダウンの拳, Bītodaun no ken), combines the tremendous speed and raw piercing power of his lightning-themed chakra flow with bone-crushing strength reminiscient of the Strong Fist. Since the Beatdown Fist's conception, Kyogi has invented several derivatives, both of the Lightning and Fire Releases, to incorporate into this fighting style.

Kenjutsu Edit

Shortly after the beautiful Mizukage demonstrated great kindness in granting Kyogi amnesty within Kirigakure, the young shinobi commissioned the forging of a weapon unlike any other. Born at the capable hands of the most experienced blacksmith the village had to offer, Marictsu(秘儀略奪, Arcane Reaver), the katana at Kyogi's side at all times, was unique in every sense conceiveable. The metals used to bring the sword to life were specifically chosen, poised to assist its master in the flow of chakra, while resisting the extreme temperatures of the Fire Release and beyond. It was also "programmed" with a reflexive ninjutsu, which stemmed from a sanguine tassle tied upon the hilt. Called Kekkai: Mizu no hōyō (結界・水の抱擁, Aqua's Embrace), the technique erected a spontaneous barrier about Kyogi's form, strong enough to bar projectile weapons from reaching their mark and even reduce the damage from other ninjutsu; though its charges depend upon the energy within the tassle and Kyogi has not yet uncovered the method by which it recharges. Even so, it returns to its fullest potential each day with the rising of the sun.

Kyogi employs Marictsu's might typically within the Beatdown Fist, utilizing it as an extension of himself. Though, it can be noted that his tactics are supremely more graceful while the midnight weapon is within his grasp. He is a decent swordsman, far from being on the level of Kirigakure's Seven Swordsmen or the Land of Iron's Samurai, but still proficient enough to defend himself and others if necessary.

Ninjutsu Edit

Nature Transformation Edit

Like many who had originated from the Land of Lightning, Kyogi demonstrates a natural affinity for the elemental release lightning. During his youth, he first began experimenting with chakra flow; a direct result of his thwarted attempt upon his sire's life, thanks to the Raikage's signature technique. Over the years, he devised several ninjutsu to compliment his taijutsu style, in corporating chakra flow of differing elements to increase its potency or even augment his physical condition. At present, Kyogi has reached a level of proficiency with the lightning element that there is no need for handseals for the majority of his tactics. He also employs the element just as masterfully as the Raikage in terms of augmenting speed and power. Unlike his nemesis, who cloaks himself in a full shroud of lightning chakra, Kyogi simply utilizes a mastery over chakra flow of the lightning persuation, guiding it internally to stimulate the neural synapses and muscles; pushing them beyond their typical limit. Through this, he is able to achieve speeds that rival the Raikage's own and even those of Jikukan Ninjutsu.

On the other hand, Kyogi holds within his arsenal the Wind Release. His justification for learning, mastering, and applying this particular release was simple: in order to combat the tactics employed by Kumo-nin. He conjectured the easiest way to take the Raikage's life would be to employ the release he was most vulnerable to; a tactically sound decision. At his present level, Kyogi can make full usage of the sharpening and buffeting abilities of the release quite nicely and is slowly making the transition into the realm of manipulating air pressure. One of his current tactics, the Wind Release: Azure Step, is an accurate demonstration of his skill with air pressure, as it has become a commonplace tactic not only for tactical effectiveness, but for travel as well. As a final note, Kyogi also wields the wind release for the most common application: combination with his fire release tactics in order to dramatically increase their size and explosive potential.

As aforementioned, Kyogi has access to the Fire Release. He primarily utilizes this element as a supplement to his Beatdown Fist and Lightning Release tactics; a prime example being Fire Release: Interdiction, which he commonly exhibits simultaneously alongside his trademark Lightning Release: Infernal Breaker. He also combines the elements of fire and wind in order to bolster the element's explosive potential. At present, Kyogi has demonstrated a mastery in combining the elements of fire and lightning beyond what can be defined as "collaborative ninjutsu". Though the result is not an advanced chakra nature, the raw destructive power could easily lead witnesses to classify it as thus.

Sealing Technique Edit

Shinja Fuinjutsu
Though lacking in the particular area in comparison to other notable shinobi, Kyogi has demonstrated proficiency enough in sealing techniques to devise the Shinja Clan Fūinjutsu(信者一族封法, Shinja Ichizoku Fūinjutsu). With the number of individuals bearing enmity towards the Shinja name growing with each day, he felt it best to conjure a method by which the Clan's bloodline limit would be preserved against avaricious hands. Hence, following months of experimentation with varying seals and formulas, the Shinja Clan Fūinjutsu came to be. The seal appears upon the Shinja in several ways, generally as a tribal tattoo somewhere upon their person. In Kyogi's case, the seal appears as a tribal marking about his eyelid. Its purpose is to, upon death or incapacitation, strike the Shinja's optics with blindness in order to make them useless. This prevents the theft of the clan's abilities, making their services even more sought after.

Daijagan Edit

It was the disappearance of his mother that shocked his Kekkei Genkai into being. The confrontation of his Inner Fear: the loss of his mother, suddenly came to life and only by surviving the onslaught of crippling emotions did he prove himself worthy of his bloodline's abilities. From thence, he has made the fullest usage of his abilities, exploring and fully mastering the Daijagan's initial form to the point where he keeps it active perpetually, sacrificing very minimal chakra in order to keep it thus.

Transcendent Daijagan Edit

The Conquest of Fear ultimately led to the unlocking of the ultimate power of a Shinja. Called the Transcendent Daijagan, this stage of his bloodline limit houses an exceptionally powerful technique by the name Asteria. It has been described as the "Antithesis of the Yin Release" in the sense that Yin Release "creates form from nothingness" while Asteria "removes from creation form and returns it to nothingness." This phenomenal feat was made possible upon Kyogi's first activation of the technique, when a "pocket dimension" entited Ryoiki, spontaneously conjures itself into existence in sync with the Transcendent Daijagan's surfacing. Asteria is a technique of opening passages, by the name Kana, to the Ryōiki, and its surname "Antithesis of Yin" is earned through the deletematter tendencies of the Kana themselves. Despite tremendous chakra costs and drawbacks, the Kana have numerous tactical applications including the capturing of energies through the deletion of matter; as energy cannot be created nor destroyed.

Nihil Release Edit

The final portion of Kyogi's arsenal lies in the Nihil Release: a technical term. Nihil Release is not what is traditionally defined as an advanced chakra nature, as it is not composed of two or three elemental natures. Instead, similar to the Uchiha Clan's Blaze Release, Nihil Release is a term used to define the Transcendent Daijagan's Asteria and the various methods by which it is manipulated. Currently, Kyogi demonstrates usage of the Nihil Release in a handful of methods. At present, they are:
  • Nihil Release: Astris, a technique that revolves around the deletion of matter through the conjuration of Kana. Then, through the subsequent capture of energy from the deleted matter, Kyogi recharges his chakra reserves, whether one lump sum or a trickle charge that can last throughout the combat scenario.
  • Nihil Release: Caria, a technique in which Kyogi can selectively designate matter to be admitted into the typically matter-deleting Kana. However effective, once a material is designated, that material will always be admitted inside and will no longer be deleted. At present, Kyogi has only admitted his trademark sword, Marictsu, due to the fact that it is forged from a one-of-a-kind material.
  • Nihil Release: Zorya, a technique in which a ninjutsu is remotely formed within the depths of a Ryōiki and released in a Kana placed expertly near an opponent. This allows Kyogi to catch his opponent completely by surprise, as the chakra forming within the Ryōiki is undetectable since it resides in a pocket dimension.

Plot Edit

The Search Begins Edit

Synopsis; Kyogi begins the search for his long-missing mother Nyx. Along the way, he encounters many and forges several bonds. Some become bonds of friendship, brotherhood and love, others become kindling for the fires of hatred.

Destruction Cometh in the Morning Edit

Synopsis; The Reborn Akatsuki makes their move in the attempt to conquer the Land of Water. With his beloved on the frontlines opposing them, Kyogi must face giants in order to protect that which he cherishes.

Donning the Red Clouds Edit

Synopsis; Kyogi's performance in the battles against the Akatsuki gained him much attention from their current members. In the aftermath, he sought an audience with the organization in hopes of joining their ranks; by doing so hopefully protecting his wife and unborn child from harm. They accept and he is tasked with a near impossible task...

Trivia Edit

According to his Fanon databook passage:

  • Kyogi's favorite hobbies are: "exploring arts both culinary and shinobi."
  • Kyogi's first crush was Mei Terumī.
  • Kyogi wishes to fight A.
  • Kyogi's favorite types are anything spicy and anything sweet. On the other hand, he loathes vegetables; especially beans.
  • Kyogi has completed 302 official missions in total: 104 D-Rank, 117 C-Rank, 52 B-Rank, 19 A-Rank, 10 S-Rank.

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