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Light Release
Nature Icon Light.svg
Name Light Release
Kanji 光遁
Literal English Light Release
Classification Kekkei Genkai
Range All Ranges
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Light Release (光遁, Kōton) is an advanced nature Kekkei Genkai form through the simultaneous use of Light and Yang chakra.


Light Release grants the user absolute dominance over the element of light; they can control even the light of others. With this ability, the user is capable of utilizing light in both manners of offense and defense. The composition of the light seems to shift from hard (for offensive techniques and several defensive techniques) to it's regular form (for mobility and most defensive techniques) on a whim. However, because they are light, the user's offensive attacks can only travel in straight lines, though in most instances, they are able to be rebounded off surfaces to shoot around corners. In addition, with this ability, the user can defy gravity to eliminate their own weight, making them more mobile and harder to hit.

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