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Lightning Body Technique
L body
Name Lightning Body Technique
Kanji 雷体内の術
Literal English Lightning Body Technique
Classification Hiden, Ninjutsu
Rank None
Other Jutsu

This technique allows the user to turn their whole body into lightning. The user's entire body thus becomes impervious to physical harm as he or she can allow any such attacks to pass right through them. The user can merge with solid matter and travel at exceedingly speeds or even use this as a means of avoiding detection. By turning into pure lightning, users of this technique can travel at lightning fast speeds and travel great distances in negligibly small amounts of time. The user can also change the shape and size of their body by creating more lightning to exceed their normal body size.

Due to the user's body being lightning, his neural synapses react much faster to any stimuli and as such his reflexes are enhanced to mindboggling levels. As a result the user gains tremendous raw speed with his physical strength also boosted to monstrous levels. Another advantage of this technique is that with the user's body existing in the form of lightning, any opponent attempting to physically attack him or her will be electrocuted on contact.

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