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Lightning Empress Armor
Name Lightning Empress Armor
Kanji 雷帝の鎧
Range Mid-range
Other Jutsu

The Lightning Empress Armor is a successor to the Lightning Release Armor, a technique that was formerly used by the Third and Fourth Raikage. This technique utilizes lightning release chakra to its utmost limits, and requires a great deal to fine charka control. The user wraps their body in a layer of lightning chakra, which electrically stimulates the nervous system, and greatly increases one’s physical capabilities. When using this flowing chakra armor, Reika has demonstrated a number of abilities, such as enhanced strength, being able to fall from incredible heights without sustaining much injury, or withstand a B-Rank Fire Release technique and deflect it back to the opponent. She is also able to sustain more damage from her opponents, due to the extra protection the armor provides. Reika also demonstrated impressive speed while using this armor, being able to cross large distances within a short span of time, remain undetected, and even surprise enemies. She is even fast enough to grab a hold of an opponent before they have enough time to react or counter attack.

Despite the impressive physical enhancements that the armor provides, it is very difficult to master, as it took Reika 3 years to fully master and complete the technique. The armor requires a large amount of chakra to create, and fine chakra control to maintain it in a stabilized form. One of the major drawbacks of the flowing armor is that it requires so much lightning chakra to create, that the user cannot use lightning release techniques throughout the duration of the technique, and even afterwards.

The main reason for the creation of this technique was to utilize the incredible cutting ability provided by lightning release chakra, due to high frequency vibrations, in close quarter combat. This led to the creation of an unorthodox fighting style which Reika would later name the Mutoryu (無刀流 Mutōryū, literally meaning "No Sword Style").


  • This technique was created to be an alternative to the Lightning Release Armor, since that technique not only belongs to Kumogakure Nin, but the use of that technique is generally frowned upon, as such I created my own version with a suitable number of problems and drawbacks.

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