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Lightning Illusion Static Genesis
Name Lightning Illusion Static Genesis
Kanji 雷幻際電気創世
Literal English Lightning Illusion Static Electricity Genesis
Classification Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Dog → Ram
Other Jutsu
By converting one's chakra into countless microscopic electrical sparks the user will coordinate complex signaling to the targets nerves, thereby inducing an illusory effects upon targets. Due to the method of performance this technique requires incredibly masterful chakra control, which may at times make it difficult to perform other techniques while maintaining Lightning Illusion Static Genesis. To coincide with the inherent difficulty of this technique its effects are incredibly potent. Since this technique activates the targets nervous system directly it can cause illusory effects that target all of the opponent's senses at once, including chakra sensory if the user desires. Due to this fact victims of this technique commonly fail to realize that they are under the effects of a genjutsu. This technique can generate illusory objects, people, and surroundings that can be witnessed by several individuals. Since this illusion effects areas and not particular targets, the effects have an even greater tendency to be ignored. As this technique creates hallucinations that are incredibly believable, even if one recognizes they are under its effects it may be difficult to break the illusion's hold.

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