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Lightning Illusion Storm Mirror
Name Lightning Illusion Storm Mirror
Kanji 雷幻嵐鏡
Literal English Lightning Illusion Storm Mirror
Classification Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Other Jutsu
This technique allows the user to channel lightning through the chakra network, and to a degree their nervous system, in order to decode illusory and other mental techniques applied onto the user. Once the aforementioned technique has been decoded it can easily be countered in the future and be immediately cast back onto the opponent with nearly identical effects. While the ability to counter mental attacks can be utilized in the future, the reflection of illusions can only be done in the moment. Therefore, the user doesn't actually acquire the ability to cast the genjutsu that struck them on their own. The rate of the decoding process varies based on the prior knowledge that the user possesses regarding the type of technique and the complexity of the technique in question. Therefore Nōsei has claimed that he can counter any mental assault if awarded the time, though this is hasn't been verified.

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