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Lightning Release: Arc Lightning
Name Lightning Release: Arc Lightning
Kanji 雷遁・弧雷
Literal English Lightning Release: Arc Lightning
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank C-rank
Range Short to Mid range
Hand Seals Hands clapped together
Other Jutsu
This technique allows the user to generate a potent current of lightning that can be channeled toward a target. While several techniques allow the user to create similar currents of lightning that run through conductive materials this skill is unique in the ability to jump between different conductors, significantly increasing its range and effectiveness. As such, this technique could allow the current to arc from one section of metal to another by traveling through the air. Furthermore, this allows this technique to strike targets that are not in contact with a conductive material, adding an increased level of danger to this technique.

This level of utility doesn't come without drawbacks though. While the lightning from this technique can arc though the air, the midair arc itself can only extend one half of the distance it has traveled through a conductor. In addition to this limitation the current of Arc Lightning must always be in motion before reaching its target, or it will short out. Therefore, the user must time the flow of this technique in order to a target an opponent, which can be difficult against a moving target. While most lightning techniques can electrocute opponents considerably this technique doesn't contain an inherent lethality, and is primarily used to stun and temporarily paralyze. This appears to be the trade-off given its highly variable nature.


  • Pulse Lightning (脈雷, Myaku-rai): An enhanced version of Arc Lightning this techniques allows the user to emanate a surface level pulse of electricity 360 degrees around the user. While the normal variation of this technique is utilized by clapping one's hands together and placing a hand onto a surface, this technique is usually utilized via landing after a fall or jump. While the the electrical shocks are of the same low lethality, utilizing this technique after a considerable fall or jump causes a the burst of lightning to expand at an increased speed.
  • Electrostatic (静電, Seiden): Utilizing this variation the user is able to imbue an electrical charge into a conductive material that stays activated even without contact with the user. This is achieved by running a circular version of the current used in the standard variation of Arc Lightning through the aforementioned item. Despite the fact that this technique could be used to run lightning through bladed weapons it doesn't increase the potential of the cutting edge, though items charged with this technique cannot be cut through via lightning release chakra flow. Instead such weapons shock targets they come in contact with, allowing user's to disable lesser opponents simply through a well timed block.

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