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Lightning Release: Azure Kitsune Stream
Azure Kitsune Stream
Name Lightning Release: Azure Kitsune Stream
Kanji 雷遁 紺碧狐層
Rank A-rank
Range Mid, Long
Hand Seals Ox → Horse → Dragon
Other Jutsu

Lightning Release: Azure Kitsune Stream (雷遁 紺碧狐層, Raiton: Sōkōha) is an original A-rank lightning release technique taught to Shin Takahiro around the time he joined the ANBU and learned the Lightning Cutter from Kakashi Hatake. Its inventor is currently unknown.

Azure Lightning Stream concentrates a large volume of lightning chakra to Shin's hand or blade via Chakra Flow, following the same initial set-up of the Lighting Cutter and Chidori that Kakashi taught him. This is where the technique deviates however. Instead of using the technique as a short-range strike, Azure Kitsune Stream applies Shape Transformation and Nature Transformation to create a blast of lightning which Shin fires from cupped hands or the edge of his katana when held vertically in front.

The Chakra is formed through the Ox → Horse → Dragon hand seal's followed by Shin cupping the formed sphere at his side to be thrown forward seconds after in the form of a lightning wave. Damaging and incredibly fast, Azure Kitsune Stream is currently one of Shin's most potent jutsu. It is incredibly draining however, as Shin can only use it twice a day before succumbing to exhaustion.

Known Users Edit

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