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Lightning Release: Chain of Selection
Name Lightning Release: Chain of Selection
Kanji 雷遁・淘汰の連鎖
Literal English Lightning Release: Chain of Selection
Classification Offensive
Rank B-rank
Range Short to Mid range
Hand Seals Ox → Dog → Rabbit → Ram
Other Jutsu
Lightning Release: Chain of Selection (雷遁・淘汰の連鎖, Raiton: Tōta no Rensa) enables the user to collect and hurl a concentrated burst of lightning from their hands toward their intended target. Upon contacting the desired target the lightning chakra will expand outward in a branching pattern effecting nearby targets. By exerting control over the technique's chakra as the lightning is branching out the user is able to select which targets the current strikes. This effectively allows a skilled practitioner to target enemies from within a crowd without endangering others. While the chakra of this technique can in a nearly infinite number of patterns, the total length of all the branches can only reach thirty meters. Furthermore, while this technique isn't specifically designed to kill, and instead is focused on disabling targets through electrocution, it has the potential to be lethal when it is performed on weakened enemies.

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