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Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Drilling Lightning Step
Name Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release: Drilling Lightning Step
Kanji 雷遁 掘削けいかいそち
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank S
Range Mid, Long
Other Jutsu

An exceedingly powerful one-shot technique with unsurpassed speed and piercing power. By applying Shape Transformation to the aura created by the High Voltage technique while utilizing it's inherent speed increase with that of the Light Step, Gray can use the strongest jutsu in his entire arsenal. The Shape Transformation gives the lightning aura the shape of an ever twisting drill with all the cutting power expected of the Lightning Release nature which is made even deadlier due to the extreme speed Gray reaches when utilizing this technique: which surpasses 140,000 mph. This makes it next to impossible to even track with Dōjutsu such as the Sharingan. In fact, only Shin Takahiro using his own Burittsuai could trace the motion and even then only the residual Chakra given off by the lightning. The one downside is the strain. Afterwards Gray would be lucky if every bone in his body wasn't broken.

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