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Lightning Release: Fiend Pursuit
Name Lightning Release: Fiend Pursuit
Kanji 雷遁・悪魔追跡
Classification Offensive
Rank B-rank
Range Short to Mid range
Hand Seals Technique specific hand seals
Other Jutsu
After performing the necessary hand seals the user generates a thin stream of lightning that can expand forth in a serpentine fashion from the practitioner's hand. This bolt of energy, which remains connected to the user for the course of the technique, can be manipulated to impale, slash, or electrocute targets based on its performance. Nōsei no Mikoto, the creator of the technique, appears to prefer utilize the stream of lightning as a blade like whip, demonstrating its lethality by cutting through the trunk of a tree with relative ease. Despite this, weapons of notably high quality are able to deflect this technique.

Alternatively, Nōsei has displayed an variation of this technique in which the lightning is split into several streams as it is channeled into the ground. This variation, usually performed in conjunction with a sword, allows the user to burst several sharp streams of lightning out of the ground in order to initiate a surprise attack on enemies. Additionally the split streams can be rapidly drawn together underneath a target, resulting in a powerful electrical explosion capable of paralyzing most individuals.

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