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Lightning Release: Thunder Strike
Name Lightning Release: Thunder Strike
Kanji 雷遁・雷攻撃
Literal English Lightning Release: Thunder Attack
Other Storm Seal (嵐封印, Arashi Fūin)
Classification Offensive
Rank A-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This technique expands upon Horned Falcon, discharging a small portion channeled lightning onto a target as it is contacted with the user's blade. This discharged current manifests itself into seal upon the target that remains hidden until activated. Upon triggering the stored lightning chakra the seal will polarize to an unnatural positive electrical charge. This will cause a nearly instantaneous effect upon the surrounding area resulting in powerful negative charged electricity, from the environment, to be drawn towards the previously placed chakra. Since this technique is usually placed directly on a target, and due to the speed of the electrical collection, it is nearly impossible to avoid. In fact since the electricity is drawn only two the placement of the chakra, fleeing from the electricity likely not an option. It should be noted that this technique has the chance of drawing in natural lightning if performed during a thunderstorm, making it potentially lethal. The name of this technique is derived from a sound reminiscent of thunder when the electricity strikes an opponent.

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