Liquid Poison Technique is an article created by Kazeyo (風夜). Explicit permission, from the aforementioned creator, is required to utilize or alter the content found on this page.

Liquid Poison Technique
Name Liquid Poison Technique
Kanji 液毒の術
Literal English Liquid Poison Technique
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank B-rank
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Technique specific hand seal
Other Jutsu
This relatively rudimentary technique allows Katsuki Naoe to generate and stream various poisons through water. By doing so she is able to significantly magnify the range that her poisons can target enemies. Katsuki has demonstrated the ability to perform this technique with both natural water sources and water generated through the Water Release, permitting a several potential tactical moves. Furthermore, she appears to be readily immune to her own poisons, though such a trait doesn't apply to her allies. Therefore this technique is used with the utmost discretion to prevent collateral damage. It should be noted that her poisons are not visible to the unaided eye when blended with water, and can effect through contact with the victims skin, making this technique dreadfully dangerous.

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