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Lotus' Reach
Wind Release
Name Lotus' Reach
Kanji 蓮到達性
Rōmaji Hasutoutatsusei
Rank None
Hand Seals None
Range Close-Medium-Long
Type Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature Wind Release

Gathering Wind-nature chakra around of one of his many katana or tanto, Kurikaze can extend the reach of his sword attacks by releasing forward the wind in a arc-shaped attack. It's destructive power is easily capable of shattering a tree or rock and is equally powerful against another Human.

Trivia Edit

  • This technique is based on the myth regarding a legend of a Masamune blade and a Muramasa blade being put into a river strewn with lotus leaves. The leaves swirled around the Masamune blade untouched, but the Muramasa blade would cut them.

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