Lotus Seal
Lotus Seal
Name Lotus Seal
Kanji ロータスシール
Rank A-rank
Range Close
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

The Lotus Seal (ロータスシール, "fūin rōtasu" in Japanese) is a seal that was created by the Sannotō Uzumaki. It is a particularly difficult seal to master, with only a handful of his fellow clansmen capable of applying it without any stress to themselves. Once applied, the user may choose to seal off whatever they so choose (e.g. tailed beasts, chakra, another seal, etc.). The only known user has been Sannotō, who used it to seal a large portion of his own chakra. The seal he applied has been shown to never wither, displaying just how powerful the fūinjutsu actually is.

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