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Lunar Release: Moonless Sky
Name Lunar Release: Moonless Sky
Kanji 太陰遁·無月
Literal English Lunar Release: Moonless Sky
Classification Offensive
Rank B-Rank
Range Medium-Long
Hand Seals Dog > Dragon > Ox
Other Jutsu

Lunar Release: Moonless Sky (太陰遁·無月, "Taiinton: Mugetsu") is a Lunar Release jutsu utilized by Yuuki Kaburagi. The user amasses an extremely dense amount of chakra condensing it to its utmost limit, compressing it upon their arm while transmorgifying it into the Lunar Release. In the arc of the swing of an arm, the user releases this lunar chakra at tremendous speeds in the shape of a crescent moon which is coloured black and gold. As it travels through the air towards its opponent at the speed of sound, obliterating anything it passes through until it reaches its target, the crescent moon makes it extremely difficult to utilize forms of chakra or the Plasma Release, as its gravitational force would pull in the chakra and it would be absorbed by the crescent moon. The arc then rips and creates an enormous explosion after attempting to pull in any opponents or upon impact.

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