Madara Uchiha (Heroes)
Headshot Madara
Name Madara Uchiha
Kanji うちはマダラ
Personal Status
Birthdate December 24
Gender Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 131
Blood Type AB+
Hometown No specific
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Uchiha Symbol Uchiha clan
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Clan Leader
Previous Occupation Student
Team None
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Izuna Uchiha
Previous Partner None
Family Izuna Uchiha (brother)
Rank Clan Leader
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Sharingan
Mangekyō Sharingan
Tailed Beasts None
Hiden Techniques None
Nature Type Fire Release
Jutsu Amaterasu
Fire Release: Great Fire Majestic Annihilation
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Ignite
Fire Release: Ash Cremation
Fire Release: Fire Dragon Bullet
Eye Technique: Black Wall
Eye Technique: Melting
Perfect Nightmare
Casting Shadow
Weapons Gunbai

Madara Uchiha (うちはマダラ, Uchiha Madara) is a prodigy among the Uchiha clan and the current leader of the clan alongside his brother Izuna Uchiha.

Personality Edit

Since his youth, Madara constantly rivaled against his brother Izuna in terms of strength and the two constantly competed and trained to become stronger. Time and time again, just as Madara would become stronger his brother would too. Constantly having to deal with his brother's impressive growth, Madara grew both a superiority complex, leaving him with feelings of disdain for anybody who was stronger then him and left him believing he was stronger then everybody else. Madara is a prideful and confident man, shown to belittle his opponents before killing them and even going as far as to compliment them if they managed to survive his attack.

Madara harbors great hatred for the Senju clan, having battled them in a never ending feud for his entire life. His greatest rival, the head of the Senju clan, Hashirama Senju acts as nothing more then a wall that Madara has to constantly work around. Hashirama's strength rivals Madara's, which leaves him loathing the fact that there is somebody as powerful as him.

Despite Madara's complex's and attitude, he is a strong leader and does everything he can to look out for what's best for the clan, evidence in his willingness to even form a treaty with the Senju[1]. He believes the Uchiha are a strong people and is a firm believer in the concept of "survival of the fittest", shown when Madara told his comrades to leave their dying Uchiha to distract the approaching Senju clan as "he no longer was strong enough to bare the name, Uchiha."

Appearance Edit

Madara is a tall fair-skinned man with spiky black hair with a blue tint. He wears a very traditional outfit, consisting of a black high-collared shirt bearing the Uchiha crest and a pair of black pants. Bandages wrap around his arms and legs, along with a obi around his waist.

Madara has recently adopted a set of armor to wear over his standard Uchiha attire, consisting of a red-suit of Samurai armor and a pair of blue gloves. A Gunbai, or war fan, sits on his back and bears a three tomoe design reminiscent to his own Sharingan. Madara has shown to even carry his war fan in the comfort of his own home.[2]

Abilities Edit

Bearing the lineage of the Uchiha clan, Madara is considered to be one of the most gifted shinobi in history. Born with particularly powerful chakra that carries with it a demonic visage, Madara has shown to utilize this chakra with great skill, using several chakra-strenuous techniques in succession without any visible fatigue and virtually unfazed. Madara is one of the few, if not most, who have survived a battle with Hashirama Senju who he sees as his greatest rival and who is revered as the "Strongest shinobi of the time."

Taijutsu and Kenjutsu Edit

A master in this regard, Madara has demonstrated his "true ability" in regards to these two traits, nearly wiping out a large portion of a rivaling clan with his sword alone. Before rising up to the status as Clan Leader, Madara was sent out to battle armed with a pair of katana alone. Performing a display that shocked even the Nobles among his clan, Madara cut through their forces and left none alive. He has displayed both dexterity and elegance when moving along the battlefield, not even giving his opponents a chance to fight back.

Madara has displayed remarkable strength, speed and agility that are all tripled by his usage of the Sharingan. During the Southern Land of Fire Conflict, Madara demonstrated his strength by charging into battle and swiftly taking down the Senju clans front line with his fists alone. A survivor of the battle commented that all they saw was "a Red demon bathed in the blood of [my] comrades."

Nature Transformation Edit

Madara has displayed great aptitude in the use of high-leveled Fire Release techniques, having mastered the Fire Release: Great Fire Majestic Annihilation which has proven capable of decimating an entire village to ash. The sheer power of this Fire Release technique takes the combined effort of several Water Release techniques to extinguish, save the Water Release techniques used by Tobirama Senju.

Madara's Fire Release techniques are feared even by Hashirama himself, who often has to rely on his brother Tobirama's skill with Water Release to combat Madara. Madara takes great joy in this fact, believing that he stands above Hashirama in terms of Ninjutsu. Madara has demonstrated the extent to his techniques by setting the entire fishing village of Yōsakura on fire and destroying it and its residents in a single night.

Dōjutsu Edit

Sharingan Edit

Madara managed to master his Sharingan by a young age, a feat that he receives significant praise for. Using it, he can instantly place a victim under a paralysing genjutsu with just a single glance, leading those who face him to advise others to not look directly at his eyes, whilst confronting him. Madara has reached a stage where he can keep his Sharingan active for a significant period of time. Madara claims that his eyes can "control Gods."

Mangekyō Sharingan Edit


Madara's Mangekyō

Madara is the first amongst the Uchiha to activate the Mangekyō Sharingan. He and his brother Izuna, who awoke his own soon after, used this new power to assume control over the Uchiha clan. Madara has become aware of the Mangekyō's "blinding characteristics" but has yet to actually become afflicted by them. Madara believes that he has surpassed the drawbacks of the Mangekyō, furthering boosting his superiority complex.

Madara has displayed the ability to use Amaterasu in battle, the eternal black flame that cannot be put out. A mere glance at his opponents can set them ablaze and forced to die a gruesome death. Amaterasu is one of the few techniques to actually put strain on Madara, but his indomitable will allows him to keep pushing. During a skirmish with Hashirama Senju, Madara displayed the ability to manifest the ribcage of Susanoo around him to deflect a powerful Wood Release attack.

Equipment Edit

Madara has been shown with a diverse range of weaponry over the years, having recently began using a war fan in battle. In addition to the war fan, he also carries a kama with him for more diverse warfare. Madara has wielded various types and numbers of swords, at different times throughout his life, using them all with impeccable skill.

Trivia Edit

  • Madara (斑) can be translated as "spots".
  • According to the third databook:
    • Madara's hobby is falconry.
    • Madara's favourite food is inarizushi, while his least favourite is roe.
    • Madara wishes to fight Hashirama Senju.
    • Madara's favourite phrase is "Armour-sleeved single hit" (鎧袖一触, Gaishū Isshoku), which refers to defeating someone with a single blow.

References Edit

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  2. Flames of War, Path of our Heroes

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