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Magnet Ninja Art
Name Magnet Ninja Art
Other Jutsu

Magnet Ninja Art This Ninja Art allows Takuma to channel his bio electric field into bio electro magnetism which then allows him to use a slightly lower form of the Magnetism Release but instead of only magnetizing external metals he is also able to use the iron in his blood to limited degrees as using this for a prolonged period gives him anemia like symptoms for the lack of iron that would then be in his blood. In using the iron in his blood, he then hardens his skin around his hands or feet to then increase his attack power when fighting.

By focusing his magnetic abilities Takuma can do a verity of things with this skill.

  • Blood Iron Control, by using his bio magnetic ablitys Takuma has been able to use his own bodys inner iron to a limited effect.
  • Iron Sand Control, similar to the 3rd kazekages Iron Sand jutsu Takuma is able to use something very similar but to a much weaker version.

Known Users Edit

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