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Magnet Ninja Art: Iron Ox Jutsu
Name Magnet Ninja Art: Iron Ox Jutsu
Other Jutsu

Magnet Ninja Art: Iron Ox Jutsu This technique Magnetizes a substantial amount of Iron Sand and molds A large Magnetic Field which takes the form of a Ox-like creature that seems to emanate from the user's own body.The ox's outer skin of Iron and the inner body of lightning the Ox. This Ox creatures harden Iron sand plating for skin can take a large deal of damage before showing signs of breaking. Once used the Ox will rampage around the battle field attacking anyone that it sees either crushing them under its large hove or if there luck to survive an encounter with it the opponent will have been Mark by a magnetic field around there own body allowing for any Magnet Ninja art jutsu or skill to be used on them.

Known Users Edit

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