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Magnet Ninja Art: Magnet Shuriken
Name Magnet Ninja Art: Magnet Shuriken
Other Jutsu

Magnet Ninja Art: Magnet Shuriken This technique is a advance Shuriken jutsu combined with the Magnetic Ninja Art by Takuma. Placing a single Shuriken on the users finger and by creating a rotating magnetic field to spin the Magnetic Shuriken the Shuriken starts to rotate at an amazing speed that creates a buzzing sound. After seeing that the Shuriken can maintain its own speed the user can place a up to a dozen more Shuriken into the field without holding on to them and have them also rotating in the same magnetic field creating a large area of supper spinning Shuriken. As the user throws the first Shuriken with rotating magnetic field any weapon used to counter this attack will be captured in this rotating magnetic field and be thrown back at the target. This jutsu can be made more effective by adding a lightning element to the weapon and allowing it to enhance the cutting power and range of the already blur of motion that is the Shuriken. Even if hit by a much more solid object the Shuriken enhance with this jutsu will continue to spin tell the Shuriken breaks apart or is completely destroyed.

Known Users Edit

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