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Maitake Style: Descending Crash
Name Maitake Style: Descending Crash
Kanji 衝突の降順
Literal English Descending order of the Collision
Classification Offensive
Rank B
Range Short
Other Jutsu

The user launches the opponent into the air followed by giving chase and using Illusion of the Dancing Flame to position their-self behind the opponent, rendering the opponent vulnerable to attack. Once behind the opponent, the user employs their Alloy Release to create a second skin stronger than steel before grabbing the opponent and driving them into the ground head first in a motion similar to a piledriver in which both the user and the opponent are driven head first into the ground. The force of impact varies depending on the height from which the technique was performed but this technique can easily result in the death of the opponent and will almost certainly result in grave injury. Due to the user employing Alloy Release to create an armor to absorb the impact the user takes no damage from the collision, allowing the user to follow up with additional attacks if they are able to regain their footing before the opponent. However, this technique places a great deal of strain upon the user due to the speed required to successfully employ Illusion of the Dancing Flame and the sheer strength needed to both restrain the opponent and drive the opponent into the ground.

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