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Maitake Style: Detonation Trap
Final Blast
Name Maitake Style: Detonation Trap
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range Short
Hand Seals Ox, Dragon, Tiger, Rat, Ox
Other Jutsu

After forming the required hand seals the user slams their palms into the ground forming anywhere from a single Earth Clone to a Hundred, the clone(s) that is created mimics the person or object the user intends it to perfectly with the exception of their personality. This enables the user to create things such as trees, buildings, or ninja that mimic the fighting style or behavior of the original in every way. The clone will have a core of condensed fire, the strength and size of which is determined by how much chakra is used to create the core. The size of the clone is also determined by the amount of chakra used to create it, huge trees taking more chakra to create than a young sapling. If a ninja was created it can be used to distract an opponent, to block their attack, to immobilize the opponent by grabbing them, or to attack on its own before being detonated. If an object, such as a tree, was created it could be used as a hidden explosive to lull the opponent into thinking it poses no threat, as a defense to block the attack, or to immobilize the opponent by manipulating the earth it is composed of to create tendrils to grab them before being detonated. The size, strength, detonation power, and speed of the ninja clone are determined by the amount of chakra used to create it. The size and detonation power of an object clone are determined by the amount of chakra used to create it. When used by Heishiro he may wish to cause more damage and infuse the clone with his Alloys, creating shrapnel in addition to the original blast.

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