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Maitake Style: Light Step
Name Maitake Style: Light Step
Other Light Step
Classification Supplementary
Rank B
Other Jutsu

The user enhances their speed by flooding their muscles with chakra and gathering their Wind Nature chakra around their entire body to give the user a weightless effect which results in the user being able to move faster than the eye can follow, a skillful user may even escape the vision of Sharingan-like dojutsu. The user seems to glide over the ground, stepping so lightly that there is no sound generated nor enough pressure to set off traps or leave a trace of their movement. Due to the speed the user moves at physical attacks due increased damage due to the speed being transferred into impact damage. While this technique requires little chakra to maintain, prolonged use may cause fatigue and destruction of muscle tissues due to the high speeds the body moves at. When deployed masterfully Light Step can be used to push off of air with enough strength to launch themselves faster than the average eye can follow, allowing them to give chase to opponents at higher speeds due to not having to touch the ground or trees to jump again. This also enables a new span of techniques which use this as a stepping stone, such as Blade Dance: Illusions of Grandeur or Flash Fist Barrage.

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