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Maitake Style: Shuso-Retsujitsu
Name Maitake Style: Shuso-Retsujitsu
Classification Offensive
Rank S
Range Short
Other Jutsu

This technique requires near mastery of both the Wind Release and the Fire Release along with expertise in shape manipulation and chakra control in order to be able to effectively create and maintain these deadly weapons. The user creates channels their chakra into the palms of their hands, Wind Nature chakra in the left and Fire Nature chakra in the right, as they begin spinning the chakra and kneading it into dense spheres. The user then closes their hands, condensing the chakra and forcing it out into the shape of a blade as they fine tune the blades' appearance and give it solid form. The blades are then placed into separate hilts with then change appearance to match the natures of the blade which they bear, these hilts are designed to maintain the blades at no cost to the user by constantly "recycling" and "supplementing" the chakra by running it through a rare alloy with reproduces chakra that mimics the properties of the chakra which it comes into contact with. The blades reach lengths of nearly 3 ft and while both are able to leave deep gashes in solid stone, they also bear the properties of their respective natures; Retsujitsu burns as it slashes while Shuso slices cleanly through nearly any material. Due to the blades being made of chakra they are susceptible to being absorbed or consumed by those with the ability to do so, however the recycled chakra is not meant to be reintroduced into the human body and while absorbing it will replenish part of the opponent's chakra store it will also deal moderate to severe damage to the opponent's chakra network depending on the length of time the blades were in use. While it takes no chakra for the user to sustain the blades due to the recycling effect of the hilts, it takes a noticeably large amount to create the blades initially.

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