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Name Markandeya
Kanji マーキャンデユ
Classification Kekkei Genkai, Kinjutsu
Other Jutsu

Markandeya (マーキャンデユ, Mākyandeyu) is an ancient Uchiha clan technique which, similar to Izanagi, was labelled a kinjutsu due its severe drawbacks. Similar to the aforementioned technique, which allows the user to warp reality to a certain degree, Markandeya allows the user to control the influence of space and time in their personal environment, allowing the user to "freeze" his physical presence within a condition of their choosing. This is what allowed Kawakami Uchiha to retain his youthful appearance after god knows how many years.

Not only this, but Markandeya literally allows not a single change to happen to its user's body whilst active, ignoring sleep, hunger, diseases and physical attacks altogether. Thus, Kawakami never has to eat, sleep or drink and even though every kind of attack that passes through his defenses will connect, there will be absolutely no effects of it. Genjutsu and other mental-oriented techniques do still have their normal effects when faced with only this technique, as the mind is not affected by the standstill of the user's body.

When Markandeya is used, tomoe-shaped markings begin to appear at the bottom of the user's body, spreading upwards the more and the longer the technique is used. These marks seal off the chakra circulatory system of every body part they appear on, preventing the user from using these as a chakra output, thus lowering their performance with each (ironically not-)passing second. When these marks reach the eyes, they seal off the sharingan, actually preventing the technique brig used any further. Even so, the marks still continue to encroach, as all the years held back by the technique are suddenly bestowed back upon the user. It is as such victims of the Markandeya were recognized, with bodies from head to toe covered in tomoe.

Kawakami, the currently only remaining user of this jutsu, has markings up to the base of his neck, which he hides with his white silk scarf. Despite this severe stadium the jutsu is in, the years he has been using it indicate that he has found a means of slowing the negative side-effects of the jutsu.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Markandeya was a Hinduist saint who attained eternal youth.

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