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Masking Gas
Name Masking Gas
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Masking Gas is an extremely innovative tool devised specifically to hide the location of the user from Sensors and those who can visualize chakra. This tool takes the form of a tasteless, scentless, inflammable gas that is invisible to the naked eye and is stored within small spheres that crack to silently release the gas upon impact. Prior to use the user must direct small amounts of their chakra into the sphere, causing the unique gas to bear the user's exact chakra signature. When deployed it rapidly masks the surrounding area with the user's chakra signature, rendering both the user and any in the immediate area invisible in terms of detection through chakra signatures. When used against Sensors it effectively bars the use of any techniques meant to detect the presence of others due to their senses being swamped with the user's chakra signature. When employed against those who can visualize chakra it essentially renders them blind until the gas clears, it will seem as if the user's chakra is covering everything in the area making it impossible to distinguish one thing from another. In this respect it functions similarly to that of the Hiding in Mist Technique without the actual visual impairment.

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