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Master Kanji Technique
Name Master Kanji Technique
Other Jutsu

Master Kanji Technique is an supplementary jutsu this technique, developed by Himizu, allows him to do many different things depending on the kanji he writes out on the air with his hands such as create water, or forming a space time barrier to teleport attacks. Fairly versatile, this skill affords similar advantages to one-handed hand seals but two handed Kanji effects can be made and are 100% more lethal with many different possible combinations.

These are some effects of Master kanji Technique:

  • 操 (manipulate), This character allows Himizu to manipulate and control his opponent. controlling a Human is complex and difficult. This can be also used to control summoning animals. This Kanji is not meant for use in combat only in rp on none playable characters....
  • ま (time, space, ma), This character allows the user to transport himself to another location in the blink of an eye by placing the kanji on any surface the user can transport themselves to that location.

work in progress.

Known Users Edit

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