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Master Key Technique
Name Master Key Technique
Kanji 合鍵の術
Literal English Master Key Technique
Classification Supplementary
Rank S-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This technique allows an individual to explore, manipulate, and potentially even dismantle the inner workings of various seals. First, and foremost, this technique requires that the user to place their hand on the center of the seal in question, where it must remain for the course of this technique's performance. This direct contact allows the user's chakra to resonate with the chakra within the seal, offering insight into the seal's design. It should be noted that while this technique is relatively simple to learn, it requires untold levels of intelligence and skill to master to the highest levels. Therefore, dismantling a seal of sufficient quality to create a Jinchūriki would be impossible for individuals new to this technique. Even Tokino Hanamitsu, who has possessed the technique for several years, would not be able to accomplish such a feat, unless the seal was uncharacteristically weakened or damaged. Finally, it should be noted that knowledge regarding a seal's design obtain through this technique or other scholarly methods can drastically reduce the time required to dismantle any seal.

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