This article, Meikyō: Kaen, is property of Rozeluxe.

Meikyō: Kaen
Kanji 明鏡:止水
Literal English Soul Water: Flame
Classification Ninjutsu
Range Mid-Long Range
Other Jutsu

By flowing the same wispy smoke that he creates with the Meikyō technique, across his blades as though it were a liquid, Rozeluxe is able to cause white flames to be produced which he will then use to incinerate an opponent. These flames seem to spread according to his will, and can engulf multiple victims at once; they can also quickly incinerate weaker shinobi almost as if Rozeluxe's will was fanning the flames. By causing this flaming energy to gain a "ripple" effect, Rozeluxe is able to cause these flames to continue to grow in strength, although in doing so he will rapidly drain his own reserves.

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