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Mikoto-Style Smite Palm
Name Mikoto-Style Smite Palm
Kanji 命流伐掌
Classification Offensive
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Mikoto-Style Smite Palm (命流伐掌, Mikoto-Ryū Kishō) is advanced variations of the Mikoto Clan's clans ability Chakra Weave which allows a user to decimate enemies at close range. Particularly, this technique allows the user to take control of an opponent's internal bodily chakra and weaponize it against their target. Placing their hand on the target the practitioner will draw in their opponent's chakra toward this aforementioned point of contact. This process takes a minimum of five seconds to coerce a significant enough amount of chakra to be collected. Failure to remain in contact for these five seconds will result in the impossibility of this technique being properly performed. Due to this restriction is usually important to restraint a target in some way before attempting this technique.

After the necessary chakra has been gathered the user forces the chakra outward in the same manner that it was drawn it, but at only a mere fraction of a second, causing significant damage to the target. When utilized on chakra-based lifeforms, as it was designed, will potentially destroy the entity's ability to maintain physical form, effectively killing it.

Human targets, on the other hand, will instead have this burst of their own chakra channeled through their Chakra Pathway System at a greater rate than it can handle, likely causing it to rupture. These ruptures, which differ between victims, can result in an inability to mold chakra around the affected area and/or cause internal damage to the organs. In either case the ruptures and subsequent effects can only a single foot through the chakra network from the point of contact.

Unlike Chakra Weave, which utilizes a negligible amount of stamina, this technique appears to have a noticeable toll upon the user. For this reason it was traditionally performed near vital organs or chakra-based entities, maximizing the potential of killing the creature in a single attempt.

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