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Mikoto-Style Vanquish Cutter
Name Mikoto-Style Vanquish Cutter
Kanji 命流征服切
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
Mikoto-Style Vanquish Cutter (命流征服切, Mikoto-Ryū Seifukukiri) draws upon the Yin Release in concert with a slash from an enhanced blade in order to destroy the form of chakra. Unlike similar techniques the chakra channeled through the user's blade is released in a pulse like fashion as the target is cut. This simultaneously extends the destruction of chakra form, but ends the technique's performance.

This technique was traditionally utilized against chakra-based lifeforms, whose structural integrity would be challenged after receiving a cut from this technique. Human targets, on the other hand, who are struck by this technique will only experience disrupted shape manipulation for a few seconds after being cut. Conversely, techniques containing large amounts of shape manipulation can be effectively dispersed with this technique. Furthermore, chakra without form can't be under the effect of shape manipulation, and thus is free to be manipulated by the Mikoto Clan's technique Chakra Weave.

It should be noted that he chakra utilized in this technique is invisible to unaided eye, giving the illusion that this technique is merely an advanced sword maneuver.

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