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Mikoto Clan
Mikoto Clan
Name Mikoto Clan
Kanji 命一族
Kekkei Genkai Reisei Reisei

The Mikoto Clan (命一族, Mikoto Ichizoku) is an all but extinct clan who were known for their aggressive stance against demonic entities. To this day the few living members of the clan look over the Okuyama Shrine, which has been under the care of the Mikoto since its founding. Interestingly, only those who awaken the kekkei genkai Reisei are officially permitted to bare the clan's name, which is denoted with the addition of "no Mikoto" following the individual's given name. The Mikoto Clan has also had a long standing rivalry with the Sesshōgawa Clan, dating back countless generations.


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Retainers of the PastEdit

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The Shrine at OkuyamaEdit

Present DayEdit


While they never achieved a great deal of fame the Mikoto Clan developed a reputation as a family skilled combatants and exorcists. Possessing potent chakra and keen senses the clan was often requested to eliminate various demonic threats. The Mikoto's most notable proficiency came from their unique usage of the Yin Release, which allowed them to project their imagination into reality. This was seen most commonly with Shadow Invocation, a technique that can manifest temporary weapons or items out of chakra.

In addition to their chakra based abilities, the Mikoto have been known for some time as a clan specializing in swordsmanship. To this end the blade Myaku-giri is traditionally held by a prominent member of the clan.

Kekkei GenkaiEdit


The second, and much less publicized, ability linked to the Mikoto Clan was their kekkei genkai, Reisei. Primarily a dōjutsu Reisei appears to mark an evolutionary offshoot and intermediate between the Sharingan and the Rinnegan, possessing similar, but more limited, abilities than either of these kekkei genkai. It is with these eyes that members of the Mikoto can achieve extreme clarity of vision and the ability to visualize chakra outside of the spectrum of normal sight. These ocular abilities permit individuals to accurately track swift movement as well as survey the composition of chakra constructs. The unique usage of the Yin Release, and an ability known as Chakra Weave, appears to be tied to this genetic trait as well. Like many kekkei genkai the dōjutsu portion of Reisei manifests itself in an individual during a time of extreme stress, thus increasing its rarity. Additionally, obtaining the unique Yin access, Chakra Weave, and dōjutsu are not linked to one another. This creates the the possibility of individuals displaying only some of Reisei traits. Those individuals who possess this kekkei genkai are permitted to utilize the suffix "no Mikoto" following their name.

It should be noted that Reisei cannot evolve to a higher state, copy techniques, or cast genjutsu like the Sharingan. Furthermore, it doesn't allow the user access to all of the basic chakra natures like the Rinnegan. Therefore, it is highly suspected that Reisei's divergence from the Sharingan's genetic lineage occurred long before the Dōjutsu became what it is today.

Clan Member CharacteristicsEdit

Members of the Mikoto Clan, more particularly one's expected to awaken Reisei, traditionally silver-white hair, though this trait has declined significantly due to generations of genetic dilution. This lack of genetic preservation is likely linked to the rarity of the clan's kekkei genkai as well. Members of this clan stress the value of an individual's promises and the importance of fulfilling debts and responsibilities. Additionally, respect amongst family is held in high regard, especially when it comes to dealing with individual's of senior status or particular achievements.


  • The kanji 命 (mikoto) is usually read as inochi and can be translated as "life." Furthermore, naming in Japanese language usually follows the model of the family name preceding a person's given name. The use of mikoto in the fashion of following the person's given name separated by the particle no is only seen with high ranking Shinto Kami and, by extension, the Japanese imperial line.
  • The symbol of the Mikoto is the Yin half of the Taijitu. The clan most likely adopted this symbol as a representation of their usage of the Yin Release.