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Mikoto Sealing Style
Mikoto Sealing Style
Name Mikoto Sealing Style
Kanji 命の封印式
Classification Supplementary
Range Short
Hand Seals Rin→Pyō→Tō→Sha→Kai→ Jin→Retsu→Zai→Zen
See here for more information
Other Jutsu
The Mikoto Sealing Style (命の封印式, Mikoto no Fūin Shiki) is a multipurpose fūinjutsu originally developed by the Mikoto Clan in order seal demonic entities that were too powerful to kill. Performing the technique in this manner binds the targets chakra into the form on an inanimate object, usually a weapon of some sort. Due to this the Mikoto Clan is rumored to be in the possession of numerous powerful demons, bound to the form of various weaponry. This version of the Mikoto Sealing Style absolutely requires that the target is completely immobilized. Furthermore, the time it takes to seal a target depends upon both the user's skill with the technique and the amount of chakra that is being sealed. While this technique is designed to seal sentient chakra into the form of an inanimate object, it can also seal such chakra into living vessels.

In addition to this technique's traditional usage the Mikoto Sealing Style can be used both competitively and cooperatively with other seals already in place. In this way users can reinforce a seal or potentially inhibit its effects. Nōsei no Mikoto claims that this distinction is determined by the type of seal to which this fūinjutsu is applied. Seals designed bind chakra within a target would only be reinforced by applying a similar effect. Conversely, seals expressing a particular effect upon the target can be inhibited by quarantining the seal in question. Applying the Mikoto Sealing Style onto seals possessing both qualities will have mixed effects, binding the chakra to a greater degree but preventing the additional effects.

With both variations of this technique the target needs to be in direct contact with the user or associated items created with Shadow Invocation, through either direct contact or surrounded in an array. Both items created with this technique and targets that have this seal applied on to them will be marked with a stylized pentagram. As such this technique is considered a odd-numbered seal.

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