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Nature Icon Mind Mind Release
Name Nature Icon Mind Mind Release
Kanji 心遁
Other Jutsu

Mind Release (心遁, Shinton) is a rare Kekkei Tōta that occurs rarely in members of the Hakyoku Clan, with its only current wielder being Shinzō Hakyoku. Shinzō explains that the mind release is created by utilizing Lightning, Yin and Yang natures to influence a persons cognitive processes for various additional effects. The lightning release is used because of electrical impulses in the nervous system, focused mainly on the central nervous system, in particular the brain, to effect cognitive functions, such as memory and thought. Yin, being spiritual, is often associated with Genjutsu, while the Yang principle is used to breathe life into the illusions formed by the Yin Release, making them quite potent. The Mind Release is used predominately for infiltration and subtle mind control, as well as suggestive thought, making it ideal for those wishing to direct events unseen.

Known Users Edit

Derived Jutsu Edit

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