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Nature Icon Mind Mind Release: Mind Blast
Name Nature Icon Mind Mind Release: Mind Blast
Kanji 心遁心テロ
Rank A-rank
Range Short
Hand Seals Unknown
Other Jutsu

Mind Release: Mind Blast (心遁心テロ, Shinton Kokoro Tero) is a powerful Jutsu utilized by Shinzō Hakyoku through the use of his Mind Release. As the name suggests, Shinzō blasts his foes mind with a tremendous degree of false information, in essence overloading their thought processes because of the random or otherwise incomprehensible information given; as the mental processes in question would strain themselves trying to figure out the information. The side-effects this ability usually causes his opponents are vertigo, where one feels as though they are moving when they are in truth still stationary, dizziness from the overloaded thought processes, migraines that can be quite painful and temporary lose of your actual thought processes.

Known Users Edit

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