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What the hell did you say!? How dare you compare me to those trash!? I'll tell you something, you bastard...I am Miroku Kuujou, the underdog. Underdogs never lose. I've had to start from the very bottom, with not a single person aiding me. I put myself through hell in order to get to the position I am today! Don't make me laugh. I am a being beyond the strongest! Challenging me is the most ridiculous thought ever, and fighting me is an unforgivable sin!

—Miroku Kuujou, to an opponent

Miroku Kuujou (空情=弥勒, Kūjō Miroku) is an extremely powerful missing-nin, and a member of the Akatsuki. Hailing from the Kuujou Clan, Miroku was labelled an "anti-genius", as he showed a slow learning curb and had no ability to access his clan's Kekkei Genkai, the Plasma Release. He was originally at the bottom of all of his classes at the Ninja Acadamy, even though he trained endlessly, much to his annoyance.

However, by pushing his training schedule further, he slowly rose up through the ranks, impressing others with his sheer determination at the cost of almost killing himself several times. Eventually, he was offered the position of Kage by his village, who were greatly impressed by his indominatable willpower. Unusually, this angered Miroku, who snapped and told them off about how they only showed him respect when he put himself through unimaginable hell. In a rage, he slew the Damiyō of his country and defected to Akatsuki, who were seeking him out, impressed by his skill.


Miroku has long, ash-blonde hair that reaches down to his hips. His hair is parted in the middle, and the front part of his hair is cut straight in a bob stroke. His bangs extend down to his shoulders, and there is a singular strand of hair always hanging between his eyes. His large, droopy emerald eyes shine brightly, fitting with his long eyelashes. Miroku has a highly slender, effminite and feminine figure, with wide hips and long legs. Unusually, he has kept such a frame even though he has put himself through excruciatingly painful training. If one looks close, Miroku's body is also littered with scars. As a contrast to his feminine frame, Miroku is never seen smiling, preferring to have a frown affixed upon his face. When he is enraged or excited (such as when fighting a strong or amusing opponent) he breaks into a wide grin and laughs, giving him an almost maniacal appearance.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Miroku is a highly complex individual, and it has been noted by many others that the missing-nin is extremely difficult to get to know. Most emotions shown by the Akatsuki member are negative in nature, mainly expressing only boredom, apathy, or when truly incensed, murderous rage. In a sense, he could be considered the antithesis to Gai Nagareboshi, as much of Miroku's personality is similar to Gai's, though reversed completely. He prefers to avoid fighting as often as possible or to finish the fight as quickly as possible, as he finds it to be a chore.

One of the few things that Miroku and Gai have in common is their infamously short fuse, though Gai's bad temper only surfaces when the situation arises, as a contrast to Miroku, who can be set off by the slightest thing. Despite giving off an air of apathy and aloofness, when push comes to shove, Miroku has an over violent nature, as he gets excited over the idea of burning people to ash. In Part II, when he overheard some ninja cautioning him on Gai's strength, he obliterated them with his lightning release, screaming at them as he considered himself to be superior. During battle, he provokes fear from his opponents by revealing a deranged, sadistic side to himself, laughing and grinning maniacally.

One could call Miroku's personality contradictory. Despite being lazy and apathetic, he can also act hot-headed and has a short fuse.

Another thing he shares with Gai is their reputation of being 'tsundere', though as a contrast to Gai; he is more "rude" than "sweet", nearly always brushing people off when they approach him. This is because due to his status as a Akatsuki, he is well aware of the prejudice that being an anomaly brings, and he does his best to make sure that everyone else suffers in the same way he does. Generally, Miroku acts like an asshat to everyone he meets, never giving them the benefit of drawing close to him. This is because he is sure of himself that those people would never understand someone as complex as himself, and that he won't tolerate those who can't but still try to comprehend his rationale. Miroku does not care about the sometimes tragic pasts of those around him, always looking out for numero uno.

By comparison, Miroku and Gai are very similar, but their methods are like opposite sides of a coin; Gai is able to protect his loved ones without killing and stand by their side, while Miroku protects "myself and myself only" through violent and inhuman methods. Yet another similarity between Gai Nagareboshi and Miroku Kuujou is their bisexuality. While Gai prefers women over men, Miroku does not favour one gender over the other. Due to his personality, Miroku tends to be incredibly grabby and possessive of the few who meet his standards, often going to violent extremes to make sure that his love for those few is known.

Another defining characteristic is that Miroku is extremely proud of his strength; due to having surpassed countless other ninja who have access to inherited power through sheer determination. He claims that "no-one can surpass me [Miroku]", and that even facing him in one-on-one combat is "grave sin", referring to himself as a "bodhisattva". Because of his training, Miroku has a vehement hatred towards bloodline-born abilities; this extends to anyone who prefers to utilize their bloodline abilities over normal jutsu and skills. He calls them "cheaters" and "trash", never giving them the benefit of the doubt. It is said that Miroku is unable to get along with those possessing bloodline abilities, which is proven by the arrogant and apathetic tone he speaks in when in conversation with those possessing Kekkei Genkai or Dōjutsu.

However, Miroku has shown a softer side to himself. Despite being the 'black sheep' of his family, he loves his clan with all his heart, and often sends ryō and postcards to them in order to help them conpensate, as they have fallen on tough times. In addition, he adores small children, and will not tolerate them being threatened or harmed. This has once driven him to wipe out an entire clan for their cruel treatment of their young. Ironically, this makes Miroku one of the more honourable of the Akatsuki, which he even complains about when pressed about.



Teenage YearsEdit

Rising to the TopEdit




As an "anti-genius", Miroku had to work incredibly hard for the tremendous power he has today. Miroku has stated that his power is a result of coming close to death many times, and it is a power that "transends even a god". This is a slight exxageration, but Miroku is undoubtably an extremely powerful ninja, standing above even that of a jinchūriki. In battle, Miroku fights in a style akin to a berserker; ignoring grievous wounds in favour of inflicing tremendous damage upon his opponent. That is not to say that the Akatsuki member does not have weaknesses. Overall, Miroku has been stated to be extremely similar to the Third Raikage in power and elemental affinity.

Nature TransformationEdit

Based upon the evidence shown by the few documented fights that Miroku has entered, it is evidently clear that he is extremely skilled in the usage of the Earth Release, despite having extreme difficulty in utilizing and molding chakra natures at first. He is stated to be one of the most powerful Earth Release users to ever exist, though his skill is not from "a gift", but from extremely hard work, making him unique in a sense. Despite not being able to grasp the concept of the Lightning Release Armour, Miroku was able to modify the Earth Release Armour through analysis and "breaking down" the "stages" of the Lightning Release Armour, then "re-building" it while adding in his own elements, making a completely new jutsu in a sense.


Based just on his brute strength alone, Miroku is able to deflect a two-handed downward swing from the Decapitiating Carving Knife with only a single hand. Miroku is also able to jump to extreme heights to land shots on otherwise untouchable enemies. His physical resistance and pain tolerance are amazing: he is able to keep fighting no matter how much damage he takes throughout battles. Miroku possesses truly incredible strength and speed. He is fast enough to evade Yuuki Kaburagi's Lunar Release: Moonless Sky a grant total of twice, despite the technique's tremendous speed. However, Miroku's greatest strength lies in his tremendous level of endurance, which can withstand a multitude of techniques, whether it be a Kekkei Genkai, Kekkei Tōta, Dōjutsu technique, or Summon. However, due to having honed his body to the point of being nigh-invunerable, he has forgotten the sensation of pain. This results in Miroku going berserk with fear any time a significant blow is dealt upon him.

Earth ReleaseEdit

As stated before, Miroku is one of the most skilled users of the Earth Release to ever exist. As such, he claims to have "Absolute domain over every corner of the land". This is represented in his choice of jutsu, which usually involve merging with all types of structures which are classified as "earth", through his usage of Earth Release: Hiding in Earth Technique, Earth Release: Hiding in Rocks Technique, and Earth Release: Mud Body Technique.

Plant TechniquesEdit




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