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Water Dragon
Name Water Dragon
Kanji ミズチ
Rōmaji Mizuchi
User(s) Reika Masamune

Mizuchi (ミズチ, water dragon) also known as "Demon Blade" (妖刀, Yōtō) is a special sword that belongs to Reika Masamune, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. Little is known about the weapon's origin besides the fact that it started out as a basic blade that once belonged to an unknown courageous warrior. No one is quite sure on how it was acquired, but it is said to be infused with the bones of a water beast. Mizuchi came into her possession after the Amatsu-Mikaboshi was destroyed in battle. It would take the evil swords place as her signature weapon.


It takes the form of a large katana with green dragon like scales on the backside of the blade. It has a circular golden coloured guard with the hilt of the sword wrapped up in white bandages. The sword has a smooth and polished finish. Because of its large size, it is usually sealed within a summoning scroll or seal mark placed on Reika’s clothes. Mizuchi is made up of a special metal which gives the sword its scratch and corrosion resistance.


According to Reika, Mizuchi is a sentient weapon, due to having been infused with the bones of a water beast and gaining its own personality through the years of use by various wielders. Despite being called a demon blade, it has a gentle and calm personality, and tends to get along better with wielders who have water chakra nature. It has taken a liking to Reika, though it did show its displeasure when she first attempted to channel her lightning chakra through it, showing that it does not respond well to other types of chakra nature. The blade is happiest when it is able to absorb water.

Abilities and DrawbacksEdit

The power of the blade is great enough that it can deliver a blow that will cut through the flesh and bone of an opponent with the precision and ease of surgical steel.

The blade has the ability to produce water and allows its wielder to utilize water release attacks, regardless of weather they possess the said chakra nature or not. By moving the blade, its wielder can generate substantial amounts of water and use it to attack their opponents with water release techniques. In order to use the blade’s abilities its wielder must hold on to the weapon at all times, if not in hand it will remain stationery until a specific command is given. To initiate an attack, the user need only say a mental command, which then produces the substantial amounts of water needed when the sword is swung.

Water Attack

Reika utilizing the Water Slicer technique.

In addition Mizuchi also has the ability to absorb water from any source, be it from its surroundings or from an opponent’s attack, this makes the blade quite useful to use in battle against other water release users, as it can simply absorb their attacks and can even send it back to them. During her battle against an Ame Ninja, Reika was able to absorb the Water Release: Water Fang Bullet through the sword and return it back to the user as a wave of water. When returned the attack became much more powerful than before, mainly because it was further augmented by the sword’s water producing ability.

The blade’s abilities are at its greatest when used in an environment with large quantities of water, such as lakes and river, being able to manipulate the water from its surrounding to further initiate attacks. It has a better compatibility rate with a wielder who has water as one of their basic chakra natures, as such Reika is able to use it with much greater efficiency. With the blade, Reika is able to perform powerful water release techniques, some of which she had no prior access to.

Using this blade is not without its drawbacks, though; in order to have complete control over the blade, the wielder must have high levels of chakra. It is also difficult to use chakra flow through the blade, as it does not respond well to chakra natures of other kind, as seen when Reika tried to channel her lightning chakra through the blade, instead this backfired on her, which resulted in her being injured.


Reika and Mizuchi merged.

The blade has a final secret ability; it can merge with welders who have water chakra nature. By doing so allows them to gain an extra set of abilities such as being able to swim and breathe under water with ease. In the merged form, the user also gains the ability to absorb water based attacks. Reika also demonstrated the ability to use the Water Release: Exploding Water Colliding Wave, a technique which she could not use without the blades help. In this merged form, Reika’s appearance changes, taking on physical qualities that are modelled after different sea creatures. Most of her skin is covered in scales, except for her belly and backside. She gains fin-shaped protrusions over her shoulders, and head, with her thighs and ankles, being cover in what appears to be green sea weed. While this ability is quite useful when dealing with much tougher opponents, the amount of time in which one can stay fused is limited to fifteen minutes, after which the user and blade returns to normal.

Techniques UtilisedEdit

Due to its unique properties, the blade allows its wielder to utilize a wide variety of water release techniques. Unless using the blade, Reika is unable to utilize these techniques, mainly because she cannot produce them on her own or does not have prior access to them.


  • Mizuchi (蛟) was a Japanese dragon and water deity.
  • This blade’s ability is very similar to the Bashōsen and *Dragon Blade, but unlike the latter two, it can only generate water chakra nature.
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