Muhammad Deidara Edit

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Muhammad Deidara (デイダムハメド, Deidara Muhammad) was a S-Ranked missing-nin from Meccagakure. Son of Black Flash, who died to a bomb from an air raid from the Sunagukure, Muhammad grew up as an orphan, knowing that his father died to protect him. Later in life, he was taken in by his uncle, Missile Man, who fostered within him a deep hatred for the Sunagukure. His uncle convinced him that to avenge his father, he must destroy all of Sunagukure.

Abilities Edit


Muhammad is a proficient close combat ninja. In close combat, he wields a Meccagakure Scimitar and beheads his enemies. Held back by his cloths, once Muhammad strips, his speed is fast enough to create desert sandstorms.


Turban Terror - By focusing his chakra into his turban, Muhammad is able to wield it like a homing missile. Once attached, the turban is able to enstrangle enemies and siphon away their chakra. If fully encased, enemies can become easily manipulated to Muhammad's control.

Jahadi Justice - A water style blood-manipulation jutsu, Muhammad is able to control all the blood within his enemies bodies. Focusing the blood onto the 9 different chakra points, he incapacitates his enemies. He is also able to focus all of the blood into an organ killing his enemies.


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