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Mutoryu (無刀流 Mutōryū, literally meaning "No Sword Style") is a term used to describe the fighting style used by Reika Masamune, a member of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. It is an unorthodox form of fighting style that uses no swords, and is specifically designed to destroy swords via unarmed combat. As a practitioner of the unique Mutōryū, she does not use a literal sword when fighting, but instead uses her hands and legs as sword-like weapons.

In order to use this fighting style, Reika must wrap her body with the Lightning Empress Armor, which not only increases her physical abilities, but also allows her to use her hands and legs as bladed weapons due to the incredible cutting power of lightning chakra. Reika has demonstrated that by concentrating lightning chakra into a single hand, it can be focused to a point sharp enough to cut through a human body with ease.


  • The Mutoryu was greatly inspired by the anime Katanagatari and the Kyotōryū swordsmanship style from the same anime.

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