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Nōsei no Mikoto
Mikoto's Silver Edge (命の銀刃, Mikoto no Ginha)
Name Nōsei no Mikoto
Kanji 濃青命
Rōmaji Nōsei no Mikoto
Personal Status
Birthdate April 28
Age 21
Gender 20px-Gender Male1.svg Male
Height 5ft 11in
Weight 128lbs
Hometown Okuyama
Home Country Unnamed Northern Province
Affiliation Daystar Clinic
Previous Affiliation Unnamed Hidden Village
Occupation Freelance Swordsman
Previous Occupation Jōnin Symbol Jōnin
Team Death Dealers of Kura-ku
Family Mikoto Clan Mikoto Clan
Hitsuyō no Mikoto (Mother)
Hitsuki (Sister)
Manshin no Mikoto (Grandfather)
Ryu (Cousin)
Rank Jōnin Symbol Jōnin (Relinquished)
Classification Swordsman
Ninja Registration S-7143
Academy Grad. Age n/a
Chūnin Prom. Age 15
Jōnin Prom. Age 17
Nousei Stats 3
Kekkei Genkai Reisei Reisei
Hiden Techniques Godaidō
Nature Type 100px-Nature Icon Lightning.svg Lightning Release
100px-Nature Icon Wind.svg Wind Release (Affinity)
Nature Icon Yin Yin Release
Jutsu Blade Barrier Technique
Body Flicker Technique
Chakra Weave
Cutter of Wind
Dance of the Reverse Swallow
Dance of the Shadow Blades
Descending Eagle
Divine Protection of the Wind
Elemental Phantom
Grasping Flow
Horned Falcon
Hurricane Edge
Iai Blast
Lightning Illusion Static Genesis
Lightning Illusion Storm Mirror
Lightning Release Shadow Clone
Lightning Release: Arc Lightning
Lightning Release: Chain of Selection
Lightning Release: Fiend Pursuit
Lightning Release: Thunder Strike
Mikoto Sealing Style
Mikoto-Style Smite Palm
Mikoto-Style Vanquish Cutter
Scarecrow's Honour
Severing Air Pressure
Shadow Invocation
Soul Laceration
Summoning: Shadow Servant
Tempered Ray
Tempestuous Force
Turning Swallow Cut
Wavering Shadow
Wind Pressurized
Wind Release: Cyclone Technique
Wind Release: Guardian Longsword
Wind Release: Heavy Wind Bullet
Wind Release: Windstorm Technique
Wind Release: Wind Dragon Bullet Technique
Weapons Myaku-giri
Tenko no Shinzui

"I'm not a shield, only a sword. Despite my feelings I can't guarantee the protection of others; I can only hope to strike down everything that would strive to do [them] harm. Perhaps then...they'll be safe"
— Nōsei no Mikoto

Nōsei no Mikoto (濃青命, Nōsei no Mikoto) is one of the few remaining members and heir to the Mikoto Clan. He's a former commissioned shinobi of a minor hidden village who was advanced to Jōnin status before relinquishing his rank in order pursue different objectives. Despite his young age he's earned quite a notable reputation in the underground, particularly through the Daystar Clinic, thus becoming known as the Mikoto's Silver Edge (命の銀刃, Mikoto no Ginha).


Early LifeEdit

Nōsei was born into the rapidly disappearing Mikoto Clan within the justly named village of Okuyama. As a young child he spent his time as most children do; He explored, learned, and played for countless hours each day. Additionally, he came to enjoy hearing about the exploits and adventures of shinobi from the past. In particular, he enjoyed the stories about Kakashi Hatake the most, requesting that his mother retell them repeatedly over the years. These stories would then serve as the blueprint for the games he played with others from the village.

Though, at the age of seven, this mimicry would change the course of Nōsei's life. While playfully reenacting the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War outside of the Okuyama Shrine the current leader of the Mikoto, and elderly man by the name of Manshin, looked on as Nōsei ran around pretending to be Copy Ninja. Just as Manshin planned to turn his attention away from the grandson, Nōsei surprised him beyond reason. Gripping his wrist Nōsei enveloped his hand in lightning chakra, which flickered with a dazzling blue light. While it was immediately evident that the technique that Nōsei was performing had no potential as an attack, Manshin recognized that his grandson was simultaneously maintaining a significant control nature and shape transformation. While natural proficiency with chakra was common in the Mikoto, such an accomplish was unheard of at such a young age. To Manshin it was a signal of the resurrection of his clan.

Viewed now as the one to restore the Mikoto clan to its former glory, Nōsei subjected to hours of incredibly strict training. Not even the pleas of his mother, Hitsuyō, could persuade Manshin from reducing the intensity and daily duration of young boy's instruction. Stripped of his chance of a normal childhood, the young Mikoto was educated everything from chakra manipulation, classical studies, and combat tactics. Under his grandfather's tutelage Nōsei awakened the clan's kekkei genkai at the age of 11, only securing his so called purpose in life. Despite this, and under the council of his mother, Nōsei desired more out of his life than the expectations of his clan; he wanted to impact the world in a more significant way.

Teen YearsEdit

This difference in opinion with regard to his purpose culminated during Nōsei's teenage years, who wanted desired nothing more than to break away from his responsibilities as an heir. Despite this, the declining finances of his clan's shrine in concert with his attachment to his mother and sister prevented him from leaving outright. Therefore, under the cover of supposed rebellion against the clan he commonly began to spend extended amount of time away from Okuyama. While away Nōsei would take up odd jobs to make any amount a money he could. While Nōsei continued to earn as money to funnel back into his clan's funds he began to notice an increased presence of soldiers serving a local lord. These soldiers, relishing in their authority, would often harass the villagers and pillage shops for entertainment.

Slowly, but surely, Nōsei came to loath the actions of these men, who were able to equate monetary wealth into authority. Eventually boiling over when he stumbled across a young woman being attacked by these soldiers. Coming to her aid the young swordsman was able to fend off her direct attackers, but his actions drew the attention of the other soldiers in village. Outnumbered, Nōsei was restrained and forced to watch in horror as she was gruesomely executed before his eyes. Broken by the cruelty of his "punishment" Nōsei collapsed upon the ground and was left convinced that he was to blame for her death.

Torn by the needs of his clan and his and blood on his hands Nōsei withdrew from contact with his family, especially his younger sister who he had looked after extensively. Recruited by a local gang the young Mikoto's hatred for those in power was further reinforced by witnessing the prevalent inequality in society, leading other to a similar lifestyle. With his skill in chakra manipulation and combat he quickly rose in the ranks, overtaking the leadership of the gang in less than a year. Upon doing so Nōsei directed his group's efforts into various acts of theft and subterfuge against wealthy and powerful. While his group's activities initially avoided violence, and prioritized confusion and misdirection as their tactics, Nōsei's intense dissent against the socially elite soon lead him to increasingly permit acts of harm.


As Nōsei's activities were becoming more overtly violent in nature it appeared as if his destiny as a criminal was decided. It was at this time that Nōsei had a chance meeting with a shinobi during what was supposed to be a routine heist. Utterly defeated by this individual Nōsei found himself questioning his own abilities. The young Mikoto recognized that he misinterpreted his ability to exert pressure over those weaker than himself as power. Driven by the newly acquire true power, Nōsei stepped down as the leader of the gang and traveled to nearby hidden village.

While Nōsei wasn't officially a shinobi he was able to negotiate his way into a chūnin examination, with his potential recruitment into the village on the line. Succeeding in this endeavor he was able able to join the ranks of the village with the rank of chūnin, and was charged with various missions. It should be that while Nōsei's presence was officially accepted in the village, his sudden appearance was curious in nature. As such, he was initially assigned objectives with dreadfully low classification, under the circumstance that he turned out to be a spy. While his payment was not impressive in the least he would send a majority of his earnings back to Okuyama to help support his family.

Despite the slow acceptance by his peers Nōsei eventually accumulated enough achievements for the village to warrant his appointment to Jōnin. While he accepted this promotion, he would soon relinquish his rank and commission in order to pursue different objectives. While Nōsei wasn't branded a traitor due to this choice, he was barred from future employment within the village; a sanction to which he barely paid any attention.


After leaving the village that had become his home for two years Nōsei returned to Okuyama. Here he reconciled with his clan, and recognized his position as heir. Despite this, he explained to the Mikoto that his objectives were not going to be centered around the expansion and supremacy of the clan. Therefore, while he wouldn't deny his position when the time came, he wasn't going to abandon his personal objectives in favor of the clan. Though his words clearly demonstrated his individuality, his promise to accept leadership of the clan at some point was enough to warrant that Myaku-giri, a sword that had been in the Mikoto's possession for generations, be passed down to him. Before departing from Okuyama once again Nōsei swore that he would keep in contact with his family, and made it a point to visit more than before. Trying to make up for lost time he's spent much time with the family he believes he's neglected.

While he had come to the conclusion that he couldn't protect innocents, perhaps he would be able to act preemptively against their aggressors. Choosing to assume this role Nōsei involved himself in several acts of sabotage against the various feudal lords. Additionally, he became once again involved in the underworld, but appears to be less driven by aggression. Particularly, he's been connected to Katsuki Naoe, a missing-nin who runs an underground clinic that operates outside of the consent of any government entity.


Nōsei is a slender young man of above average height whose unkempt silver hair is his most notable feature. Possessing pale blue eyes and a calm expression he asserts a quiet focus upon whatever his gaze falls upon. Nōsei, since a young age, has commonly dressed himself in various dark raiment. Most recently he's been shown wearing a black high collared jacket, which extends past his waist considerably over a simple grey shirt. Additionally, he wears long baggy shorts adorned with several belt like straps.

Furthermore, after acquiring Myaku-giri Nōsei has begun to wear the sword almost consistently. In particular, he keeps the blade strapped to the back of his waist. It has also been revealed that he possesses a pendant in the shape of his clan's emblem on a chain necklace. When necessary Nōsei wears a dark hooded cloak over his normal clothes, usually with regards to inclement weather.


Currently Under Revision


Since a young age Nōsei has displayed prodigious levels of talent bolstered by countless hours of intense training. This combination has yielded an individual possessing a great amount of promise in terms of combat potential. Coupled with a exceptionally bright intellect and significant interest in ninjutsu Nōsei has developed into a force to be reckoned with. His training as a shinobi primarily served to formalize and refine the abilities he already possessed, thus allowing him to achieve previously unobtainable heights.

Complementary to his abilities Nōsei's has acquired a significant amount of experience during the course of his relatively short life. Serving officially as a shinobi, for a time, and unofficially fighting against different people in power for nearly a decade Nōsei has been engaged in countless challenges to his livelihood. Encountering a vast number of different fighting styles he's become quite capable of reading trends in an individual's fighting style in order to predict, usually quite accurately, how they will respond and proceed in combat.

Additionally, Nōsei appears to have a definite affinity for the creation of technique, especially that within the confines of ninjutsu. This has led him to acquire a significantly large arsenal of skills over the years, each with a wide variety of applications. On the other hand, his training with the Mikoto has allowed him to perceive the presence of supernatural entities. Admittedly, he's commented, this ability is difficult to utilize and pales in comparison to standard chakra sensory.


Nōsei is known to be quite intelligent and attempts to be in constant awareness of his surroundings. As such when engaged in combat he immediately will begin to take note of his surrounding and how they will correspond with his opponent's abilities. As such he will commonly readjust his distance and angle from his opponent in preparation for his next move. Despite his thoughtful planning of both his opponent's and his own moves he originally had a great deal of trouble incorporating the movement of allies in operations causing him to often slip up when working with other people. He eventually grows out of this during his time as a shinobi.

His intelligence is further shown through is incredible understanding of the nature and utilization of chakra, which he's achieved through personal experience and formal education. It is because of this trait that he is able to constantly create original techniques to add to his skill pool. Furthermore, this skill allows him to naturally analyze even complex techniques employed by others in the heat of battle and adjust his fighting style effectively. Along with his physical abilities, his intellect allows him to combat most threats with minimal effort.

Ninja ArtsEdit

Through the progression of his life Nōsei has has developed and acquired an impressive arsenal of technique. Furthermore, most of the techniques he employs are of his own design, as testament to his understanding and subsequent skill in the ninja arts. This large skill pool seems to be directly tied to his passion for practicing ninjutsu, while his skill in utilizing these techniques is the result of perfectionism. Nōsei can perform techniques of different classes, and even different natures, in such rapid succession that they appear to be used simultaneously. Coupled with his above average reserves of powerful spiritually aligned chakra he could easily decimate a field of battle in mere moments, were it in his nature.

Taijutsu and KenjutsuEdit

Nōsei's melee combat focuses on his natural affinity for speed and his techniques that he has honed after years of training. As such he commonly employs evasive tactics to avoid would be attacks and has learned to take advantage of an opponent's weight and stance to keep them off balance. Along with his desire for perfection Nōsei attempts to quickly and accurately target his opponents in a way that will easily and effectively debilitate them, without inflicting life-threatening injuries. Furthermore, his use of acrobatic feats in conjunction with his natural speed, through both natural means and impressive skill with the Body Flicker Technique, Nōsei's nearly impossible to visually track under normal circumstances.

While his taijutsu is usually enough to take on most opponents, his melee combat seems to be at its greatest strength when he is utilizing a blade. Additionally, Nōsei appears to prefer to utilize a sword while in combat. When utilizing a sword he appears to switch between several different stances depending on the situation, obviously showing that he has had a formal education when it comes kenjutsu. It has been noted that his flow of chakra appears to change when switches between these stances. In addition to his raw abilities in the sword arts Nōsei has the ability to channel various types of chakra down the length of his sword for the purpose of increasing its cutting edge or performing several original techniques. Nōsei's skill with a sword has developed to a level that a significant portion of his fighting style incorporates the usage of blades, in one way or another.

Nature ManipulationEdit

Nōsei's broadest range of expertise exists within the realm of elemental manipulation. Accomplishing the production of the Lightning Release at the age of seven without formal training Nōsei appears to be naturally talented in such techniques. These abilities would eventually lead to the young Mikoto in also acquiring his affinity, the Wind Release, and the Yin Release attributed to his clan, which along with lightning he perfected to masterful levels.

While not his first elemental nature wind has become a defining attribute to Nōsei's combat over the years. Particularly, his skill with his affinity has allowed him to bypass the requisite of hand seals during the performance of most wind techniques. Though performing the hand seals allows him to achieve extreme levels of chakra control under these circumstances. Wind, in both its chakra and natural forms, provides Nōsei with a wide variety of abilities allowing him to approach objectives in several different ways.

Nōsei's use of lightning draws it inspiration from the stories of Kakashi Hatake, which were his favorite as a young child. Lightning serves Nōsei as an adamant enhancement to this offensive potential, providing some of the most directly destructive techniques in his arsenal. Lightning also possesses Nōsei's ability to generate illusions based around the complex signalling of an individual's nervous system.

The Yin Release, when utilized by Nōsei, offers several supplemental abilities that have woven their way into his fighting style. From illusory displacement to his clan's trait of projecting one's imagination into reality Nōsei's use of Yin is invaluable in combat. Furthermore, his clan's abilities regarding the extermination of chakra based lifeforms often have ties to Yin.


Some of Nōsei's most powerful abilities stem from his usage of Godaidō (五大道), and ability that allows the user to interact more directly with the elements than possible through normal nature manipulation. Instructed in this technique by his mother Nōsei has learned to both manipulate natural forces (of wind and lightning) and internalize these energies to produce techniques containing unnatural levels of nature manipulation. Furthermore, his usage of Godaidō appears to have been altering the properties of his chakra. At times Nōsei's chakra appears to be more elemental in nature, relating closer to the feeling of natural forces. It is currently unknown what this change is indicating.


As a member of the Mikoto clan allowed to bare the name, Nōsei is a true possessor of Reisei. Initially his use of the dōjutsu portion of Reisei, which is occasionally referred to as the Seizongan, was extremely limited and caused him to live under constant migraines. While he was eventually able to overcome this limitation he never forgot the double edge sword that power can be.

With this kekkei genkai Nōsei has access to extreme clarity of vision and the ability to visualize normally invisible chakra. This allows him to quickly analyze both individuals and techniques to incredible degrees, giving him a greater window of opportunity to react appropriately. Nōsei treats Reisei as a testament of his clan's power. Because of this, and the fact that overuse will definitely draw unnecessary attention to him, he only uses his dōjutsu when it is absolutely necessary.


Return to OkuyamaEdit

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Birth of the Death DealersEdit

Main Article: Birth of the Death Dealers

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  • Nōsei (濃青) is a shortened form of the Japanese word nōseishoku (濃青色), meaning "dark blue". This appears to correspond with the cool, and occasionally cold demeanor.
  • According to his Fanon databook entry:
    • Nōsei's hobbies include developing new techniques and reading.
    • Nōsei idolizes both his mother and Kakashi Hatake.
    • Nōsei wishes to fight several historical individuals, especially swordsman.
    • Nōsei's favorite foods are various types of grilled poultry, while his least favorites are anything particularly salty.
    • Nōsei has completed 259 official missions in total: 0 D-Rank, 78 C-Rank, 124 B-Rank, 47 A-Rank, and 10 S-Rank.

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