Naguko Majutsushi
Naguko Majutsushi headshot
Name Naguko Majutsushi
Kanji 魔術師・薙ぐ子
Personal Status
Gender Female
Height Part I: 5'1"
Part II: 5'4"
Weight Part I: 98 lbs
Part II: 105 lbs
Blood Type A-
Affiliation Kirigakure
Occupation None
Previous Occupation Unknown
Team None
Previous Team Unknown
Partner None
Previous Partner Unknown
Rank Part I: Genin
Part II: Jōnin

Naguko Majutsushi (魔術師・薙ぐ子 Majutsushi Naguko) is a member of a the Majutsushi Clan. She possesses the rare kekkei tōta Glass Release.

Appearance Edit

Naguko full

Naguko's general appearance

Naguko shares traits with several members of her clan, including the vivid red hair and bright red eyes. Naguko wears her hair in ponytails tied with four crimson orbs. She wears a blue and white dress, keeping it open for her ample bosom to be revealed. She also wears a thick brown belt, worn above her waist. Notably, she doesn't carry a Kirigakure headband anyway on her person.

Personality Edit

Naguko is generally very blunt, never hesitating to get to the point. She dislikes people who beat around the bush when they talk. She is also hot tempered, unleashing her anger even on her allies if they happen to be near. Due to her violent tendencies, people who know her say both her hair and her name suit her.

However, when she isn't bursting into fits of anger, Naguko is actually quite easy to get along with. She can be kind, talkative, outgoing, and brighten up even gloomy people, basically the life of the party. This happy-go lucky attitude can easily annoy others, but those who know Naguko well do not express this, for it keeps them from a beating at her hands. She is also shown to joke around, insulting people in a teasing manner when she is in a good mood.

Background Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nature Transformation Edit

Naguko is one of the few people capable of using a kekkei tōta, an advanced and extremely powerful form of kekkei genkai. In particular, she possesses the Glass Release, which allows her to combine the elements of Earth, Lightning and Wind.

Scythe Edit

Naguko Nagu

Naguko wielding her scythe

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