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Nanashi Uchiha
Name Nanashi Uchiha
Kanji うちはナナし
Rōmaji Uchiha Nanashi
Personal Status
Birthdate September 18
Age 19
Gender Gender Female Female
Height 5'6"
Weight 103 lbs
Hometown Not specified
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Uchiha Symbol Uchiha clan
Occupation Sabateur/Negotiator
Rank Clan Operative
Kekkei Genkai Sharingan Sharingan
Nature Type Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Body Flicker Technique
Dance of the Heavenly Sapphire
Demonic Illusion: Dark Conspiracy
Demonic Illusion: Fade to Black
Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
Demonic Illusion: Perception Overload
Demonic Illusion: Retributive Justice
Fire Release: Bed of Coal
Fire Release: Great Dragon Imperial Funeral Technique
Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Fire Release: Phoenix Bullet Technique
Fire Release: Sacred Fire Barrier Wall
Flame Seal
Flame Seal: Serial Detonation
Heavenly Ornamental Hairpiece
Secret Technique: Radiant Arrow
Secret Technique: Radiant Burst
Secret Technique: Radiant Force
Secret Technique: Radiant Sabre
Water Clone Technique
Water Release: Call of the Water God
Water Release: Sacred Mirror
Water Release: Severing Torrent
Water Release: Swirling Torrent
Weapons Daishō Pair

"If our clan is destined to fan the flames of war, then it's my duty to spark the timber."
— Nanashi Uchiha

Nanashi Uchiha (うちはナナし, Uchiha Nanashi) is a well respected member of the illustrious Uchiha Clan under the leadership of Madara Uchiha. She made a name for herself as both an accomplished tactician and combatant, displaying cunning and skill on and off the field of battle.


Like most of her kin Nanashi is a fair-skinned individual possessing dark hair and and onyx eyes. Additionally, she has a thin frame and is often clad in a dark raiment attributable and marked with her clan's symbol. In outright combat scenarios she has been seen wearing black samurai style armor, though she appears to prefer lighter garments. Furthermore, she can often be found with one or both of the blades of her daishō pair, adjusting to the situation at hand. She has often been noted for her relaxed gaze, giving the illusion of disinterest and boredom in surrounding events.


Raised amongst the constant battles her kin were involved in Nanashi quickly became desensitized to the horrors of war. It is because of this existence that she believes that endless combat is simply a necessary evil for not only her own clan, but several others. Due to this frame of mind Nanashi, unlike most of her clansmen, doesn't harbor any ill will against rival groups, such as the Senju. Instead she views such competition as a benign side effect for the feudal lifestyle encompassing them.

Nanashi commonly displays a relaxed and quiet demeanor under most circumstances. Therefore, she opts to observe and listen to her surroundings and affiliated individuals, as opposed to striking and acting outright. It is for this reason that Nanashi is often sought for missions requiring a subtle presence, at least initially. To this end she approaches combat and official business in a mindful manner, meticulously compiling potential tactics for various circumstances.

Despite her calm nature and relaxed stance with regard to her so called enemies Nanashi is fiercely loyal to Madara's regime is utterly unwilling to merely allow her clan's livelihood be challenged. With this powerful resolve under her wings, complimented by her impressive intelligence, Nanashi is able to stare even certain death in the eyes without yielding.


Path of our HeroesEdit

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The Battle of Kikyō PassEdit

Nanashi, upon receiving orders from Madara, leads a battle assault upon the Kikyō Pass, a key stretch of land in achieving a supply line between the Land of Fire and Water. More Coming Soon!


Nanashi Stats

Nanashi's Statistics

Nanashi, even amongst the battle hardened Uchiha, has been a rare excellence through rigorous training and perilous challenges. Additionally, she possesses the unique ability to alter the intensity of her chakra far beyond the usual scope capable by an individual. By doing so Nanashi is able to manipulate the potential of her techniques and presence to an extreme degree, allowing her to produce incredibly intense effects when factoring in the natural potency of her chakra reserves. Despite her aptitude for destruction Nanashi's greatest ability rests with her affinity for adaptation and flexibility, allowing her to face most any scenario with finesse.


An severely significant portion of Nanashi's adaptability can be directly attributed to her impressive intellect. Years of experience have awarded her with pristine analytical nature, permitting her to accurately follow and predict trends, and potential faults, in an opponent's actions. By doing so Nanashi is able to chose her actions and timing with a keen level of precision, treading forward with a tactical advance. Furthermore, she is well versed in most important events and understands the deep implications that a relatively simple act may cause on a larger scale. Her tactical abilities also extend to the battlefield as well, measuring the potential of enemy groups given their position and individual capabilities.

When faced with a direct combat situation Nanashi has displayed the ability to roughly gauge relative strength of an individual before choosing to act. By doing so she is able to determine whether the opponent can be eliminated immediately, or she should further rate their skills before actively pursuing their defeat. Therefore, it is not uncommon for her to minimize her potential early in a fight, waiting to obtain enough information to devise the most appropriate manner to defeat her foe.

Ninja SkillsEdit

Basically being raised upon the battlefield has necessitated that Nanashi acquired a broad understanding of various types of shinobi combat. Through this continued process she has slowly, but surely, learned to incorporate techniques of different classes in a complex array that can be adjusted when need be. To this end Nanashi's arsenal seems to favor illusory debilitation and outright annihilation of her opponents, which is not uncommon amongst her kin. Overall, she possesses a competent enough set of skills to handle most all but the strongest opponents with graceful precision.

Taijutsu and KenjutsuEdit

Light on her feet and possessing a honed form Nanashi displays the peak of grace when engaged in the melee combat. As competent with a blade as she is unarmed she relies primarily on speed, in the form of elusive movement and faints, and precision to defeat her opponents. Nearly untraceable at close range Nanashi can easily eliminate a multitude of enemies before they are able to appropriately respond. Furthermore, Nanashi's flexibility is readily witnessed in combat, lifting and utilizing available tools in her surroundings to best achieve victory.

While she is quite proficient with most weapons Nanashi has a preference for her daishō, a short and long sword paired together. Wielding these blades separately or in concert, to best fit the scenario, she has displayed masterful swordsmanship focused around extreme velocity and accuracy. In addition to her traditional fighting styles Nanashi has developed a dangerously effective combat style harnessing intensified fire chakra, dubbed Dance of the Heavenly Sapphire. With this technique she is able to carve through her opponents with ease, leaving only smoldering corpses in her wake.


Like many members of her clan Nanashi has an innate talent for ninjutsu, especially fire nature techniques. More specifically, her ability to increase the intensity of her chakra to that of higher levels than most in concert with her excellence in chakra manipulation has permitted her to master several high level techniques, despite her relatively young age. This is best witnessed in her deadly array of fire-based techniques through which she could decimate most opposition with ease. Furthermore, she has acquired the secondary element of water initially through the abilities of her dōjutsu, eventually composing a small array of ninjutsu outside of her fiery techniques.

Outside of nature transformation Nanashi also possesses the unique ability to alter the intensity of her chakra throughout a greater range than most individuals. Through this ability she can magnify the potential of simple techniques to incredible levels and even adjust her own presence to fit the circumstances at hand. Additionally, this trait can also be utilized to generate a potent variation of chakra flow, giving a significant boost to her armed combat.


Derived from the hypnotic abilities of her dōjutsu, Nanashi has developed an impressive arsenal of illusory techniques. Activated through direct eye contact her genjutsu is primarily utilized to disrupt or misdirect her opponent's objectives, though she can outright debilitate enemies as well with these techniques. Nanashi seems to prefer the power of her illusions over her offensive abilities, through which she is able to manipulate her opposition without extinguishing their lives.


Nanashi, as true heir to the Uchiha, wields the Sharingan as a mark of pride and power. Awakening and completing its development rather quickly she has earned a notable amount of respect amongst her kin. Through the insight that these eyes have granted her Nanashi is able to analyze and react to nearly any assault laid against her, predicting her opponent's movements with ease. More specifically, she appears to have a knack for deducing the properties of techniques before the chakra has been completely formed.

Her proficiency with the Sharingan is developed to the level that she can maintain the dōjutsu in an active state as if second nature, without incurring noticeable stamina drain. Despite this Nanashi is highly aware of the limitations of her eyes leading her to consider the dōjutsu as powerful tool, but still a tool. As such she doesn't misunderstand her abilities as unparalleled, and isn't debilitated if her insight proves insufficient.


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